We love showcasing the latest work from photographers across the world and here is another amazing submission from UK based photographer Gökhan Göksoy.  This time, Gökhan shares with us 3 of his favorite makeup shades featuring pink, red and nude shades. Enjoy!

BERRY PINKIf you are looking for a lipstick shade that is elegant and sexy then you should invest in pink. The richness of the pink shade will make your lips look fuller and beautiful at the same time. Match it with some pink eye liners for that wow effect. 

Gökhan+Göksoy+Beauty+Looks+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)Gökhan+Göksoy+Beauty+Looks+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)

NUDE SHADEWhen you want a quiet night out, nude is the best and safest option for dark skin women. While bright shades are getting plenty of attention all season, the classic nude lip shade is perfect for a quiet look. 

Gökhan+Göksoy+Beauty+Looks+Zen+Magazine+Africa (4)Gökhan+Göksoy+Beauty+Looks+Zen+Magazine+Africa (3)

Bold RedThis lipstick shade is perfect if you are wearing a bold color dress. Not many can pull off this red shade of lipstick but for those who can it always brings that fabulous attention to your face. 


Even though there are more shades of lipsticks trending in the world today, theWhich shade of makeup do you like to use the most? Drop your views in the comment box below.

Photographed by Gokhan Goksoy
Post Production www.vragency.co.uk
Modeled by Jacqueline Ilumoka
Make up by Abbie May Hopkins

Hair by Glaysson Carvalho
Headwrap design by Izelia
Jewelry by Devine Collections
Words by Princess Amayo