Gone are those days where eye-popping colours were mostly seen on models in fashion magazines. These days’ statement lips are a big hit amongst beauty and fashion lovers. For most, embracing bold lip colours can be a little a tricky if you aren’t used to wearing. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to finding, wearing and pulling off bright lipstick with confidence

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  1. Pick a color that you love.
    The most important advice for every woman who wants to pull off wearing bright lips is getting the right color. And the best way to discover the right color is going by what you like. If there’s a color that you’ve always wanted to wear but somehow never had the heart to do it then now is the time to give it a try. Anyone can pull off any lip color, finding the right shade for your skin tone is what makes you stand out. Once you find the right color for your skin, the rest comes natural.

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  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    Going from minimal lip color to a bold look could be very overwhelming. A great way to get used to it is to start out sheer and gradually work your way up to full brightness. To keep it light, simply dab your bright lip color with some clear gloss/balm, and then blend with your finger or a brush. That intense color is now a gentle stain. Make it increasingly brighter as you give it a good rub; you’ll be rocking intense color in no time! Keep practicing till you get it right. The more you try and fail, soon you will get a right color that is just perfect for your skin tone.

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  1. Make sure your lips are ready for the attention.
    Bright lip color tends to be a little unforgiving when it comes to dry, chapped lips, so make sure yours is in perfect condition. Keep your lips well exfoliated by using a gentle scrub every other day.

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  1. Bleed Proof
    It can be annoying having your lip colour bleeding. To avoid this disaster, simply apply concealer around the border of your lips to prevent your bold lipstick from running or bleeding around your mouth. This technique creates a very neat applications as well as leaving your lips bleed proof.
  1. Go easy with the eye makeup you use when rocking a bold lipsticks
    When it comes to bright lips, it’s all about balance. Bold lips plus bold eyes and full facial contour is just too much. Instead, keep the bright lipstick the main event and relegate your other makeup to supporting roles: we love an intense fuchsia lip paired with dewy, highlighted skin, softly defined brows and lashings of mascara. This combination compliments, rather than competes with, the bright lipstick; allowing your lips to remain the star while also giving you a polished, summer ready makeup look.

Image Source: The Lip Bar
Model: Ohwawa @ohwawa
Makeup: Marshas Makeovers @marshasmakeovers
Photographer: Bre’ann White @breannwhlgn
Words by Princess Amayo