Chokri Ben-Amor is an African, Mediterranean, Arab living in Europe. He allows himself be led by his creative inspiration, abandoned to his imagination a source of powerful emotions; Chokri Ben-Amor explores spaces and painted surfaces. He also enjoys inventing shapes both abstract and figurative ones  and colours which, skilfully blended using movement, wide strokes and thick layers of palette knife-spread paint, produce bright, intense compositions on very deep surfaces. His incisive tract, both fluid and dilated, often results in warm chromatic shapes, which, by generating an effect of pure and harmonic abstraction, invite observers to see themselves reflected in his inner reality. In his creative process, though, this artist is not only stimulated by pictorial, formal and chromatic combinations, but also by his Mediterranean nature, by his travels, by the cultures he encountered, which blend with his imagination into the rich background from which he inventively draws.

Images courtesy of  Chokri Ben-Amor
All artworks are Acryl on canvas