Just because the bright summer days are behind us doesn’t mean we have to wear dull makeup. We are right in the middle of fall, and the excitement is still on. Whether you are a fashionista, a corporate executive or just a simple lady who wants to have fun with colour, there is lot to explore with when it comes to your makeup. The beauty about “beauty” is it doesn’t discriminate….there’s always something for every woman. Here’s the secret behind these stunning looks by makeup artist Jeffrery Picasso Lindsey.

For the 1st Look: “A very light, soft, subtle natural face. Hydration of your face is so important . A little Concealer where needed, a bronzer for slight contour for the cheeks(warmth) on the face. Mascara top only and I used a nude stain. With the choice of clear gloss. Check out the final look below.”

Beauty+Looks+Photographed+by+Francesca+Andre+Zen+Magazine+AfricaBeauty+Looks+Photographed+by+Francesca+Andre+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)Beauty+Looks+Photographed+by+Francesca+Andre+Zen+Magazine+Africa

For the 2nd Look: “It was all about colour. I used beautiful hues of greens and bold Metallic lid choices. The lips I chose to do were Daring and Bold canary Yellow and Deep Plums . Pumped up the lashes top and bottom contour and highlight. For that sexy, fun,feminine woman. Who isn’t afraid of a little color. Have fun with your make-up ladies.”

Beauty+Looks+Photographed+by+Francesca+Andre+Zen+Magazine+Africa (5)_MG_2171

Credits: Photo by Francesca Andre | Make up by Jeffrery Picasso Lindsey | Hair by oneika Johnson | styled by Anjela Kavata & Mariame Conde