How to Lighten Dark Armpits Fast


Dark underarm is caused mainly by accumulation of dead skin cells. For many people who suffer from dark armpits, it is very uncomfortable especially when wearing revealing outfit or even engaging in activities that exposes the armpits. Nevertheless, you can get rid of this problem with some easy remedies. These remedies are effective, affordable, and safe but need to be followed on a regular basis to get encouraging results.

Exfoliation is a brilliant way to remove the top layer of the skin since it composed of dead cells that contribute to the darkening.

Lemon is known as a natural cleanser, lemon helps get rid of dark underarms. For great results, rub a slice of lemon on your underarms before taking bath and keep it for 20-30 minutes daily which will slowly lighten the dark area of the skin. Apply some moisturizer to soften the skin instead of deodorants, for a few days.

Potato is also known as a bleaching agent, which helps in lightening the dark area of the skin. Slice a thin piece of potato or just grate the potato and apply the juice to the dark area of the skin, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

Vinegar helps to get rid of dark underarms. Make a mixture of rice flour with vinegar to form a paste. After taking a shower, apply the paste in your underarms, leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. This remedy will not only lighten the skin tone but also kills the germs and also help fight body odor.

Vitamin E oil also facilitates skin whitening. Hence, you can massage the oil on the underarm area to fade dark skin. If you have vitamin E capsules, you can simply puncture a capsule and squeeze its contents on the skin.


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