Bold headwraps, colourful earrings and that dark chocolate skin. What’s not to love about our beautiful African heritage? According to the creative director pf this shoot, Aline Andrade, this shoot was all about celebrating our headwraps. Just like as a queen wears a crown, Aline believes headwraps are more than just an accessory but a statement of our royalty as Africans.

In this new partnership with the photographer Augusto Wyss, our intention with work is to value the turban and diversity in the skin of the black woman,” says Aline. “It is the first of a series that will be called colours and flavours and we will work different skin tones in contrast with vibrant colours.”

Check out the 3 amazing images from the shoot


Photo Credits
Created by Aline Andrade
Photographed by Augusto Wyss.
Modelled by Carolinna Marques.
Styled by Ìyá Ìyá Teresa