After two weeks of major hype and serious training, Super Bowl XLVIII is finally here. Arguably the most lucrative sports league in the whole world and watched by over a 100 Million people worldwide, it’s a sport that pulls in the big bucks. Tomorrow will see the Seattle Seahawks battle the Denver Broncos for the trophy though our focus is drawn to the African athlete in the Seattle Seahawks line-up. 26 year old Russell Okung has some Nigerian ancestry in him and he will be playing in the final. Born in Fort Bend, Texas, Russell is the son of Dorothy AkpabioVictor Okung. He is an Oklahoma State University graduate, he loves football and he is a God fearing man. Check out a few pictures of the athlete below

Russel+Okung+Zen+Magazine+January+2013Russel+Okung+Zen+Magazine+January+2013 Russel+Okung+Zen+Magazine+January+2013 Russel+Okung+Zen+Magazine+January+2013

With less than 7 hours before the game kicks off and after 18 tough and highly competitive games,  the Seahawks are minutes from hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. But trust me when I tell you the Denver Broncos won’t be an easy match up. With 1 of the best quarterbacks of all-time, Peyton Manning, on the Broncos line-up, it’s poised to be a very tough game for the Seahawks. Super Bowl XLVIII will be broadcast in 30 languages across 180 countries so if you are a football fan and, if you follow Zen Magazine, let Zen know which team you are supporting. Who are you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? My bet is on the Seahawks but that’s just me! What do you think?

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Written by Oby Anthony

Image credits: Google