Think of a collection that is simple, chic and colorful ….. a collection for the everyday woman…. Kipusa’s new collection Back to Basics has got something for every woman. We also take a look at our contents for July. As always, we would appreciate greatly if everyone who gets to see this FABULOUS Editorial could please tell us what you think of the designers collection. Do you like it? Is it something you can wear? Give us more details. If you would like to purchase any of the looks, please send us an email at

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Credit for Images (Contents)

Patricia Olufemi – Photography by Sebastian Felisiak , Make Up by Maria Luca
Lola Rae – Credit to Lola Rae
Mafi – Photography by Kyle La Mere, Make Up by Elizabeth Neish, Jewelry: Ashley Drapes, Models: Imani Amos & Erica Candice
Kaela-Kay – Photography by Jennifer Conley
Kipusa – Photography by Abraham Ali, Make Up by Lorna Mutegi, Model: Melissa de Blok
Dionne Gooding – Credit to Dionne Gooding
Ghyslaine Tchouaga – Credit to Ghyslaine Tchouaga
Precious Mwale – Photography by Dominic Thurmer
Jason Njoku – Credit to Jason Njoku 
Weza – Photography by Graeme Swanepoel, Make Up by Mina Shembe
Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar – Constance Hotels and Resorts