Dates:  25th November 2014
Italian Institute of Culture, Michelangelo Hallo (in Nairobi)
Key Details:
The exhibition is titled SILENT CONVERSATION. “It is a collection of portrait paintings of women trying to create a dialogue between the viewer and the ‘paintings’,” says Longinos Nagila. “The paintings, I consider them thought provoking and commands attention. Though not quite detailed, the portraits silently holds the attention of the viewer. It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, the main outstanding feature of the portraits are the eyes, they are dark and looks directly to the eyes of the viewer. I think this creates an emotional disturbance. The exhibition interrogates the relationship between the artist, the art and the viewer, between what the society considers as beauty and ugly, sad and happy, stereotypes and judgement.”  Check out a few of Longinos’s artwork. 

Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014+Art+Event+Longinos+Nagila (3) Zen+Magazine+Africa+2014+Art+Event+Longinos+Nagila (2)

The exhibition will feature 25 portraits of different sizes all produced in 2014.
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