This October 2016, AFWk Ltd is inviting designers from around the world to take part in Accra Fashion Week 2016 and expose their incredible talents to millions of people, both in attendance and via media. Accra Fashion Week is set to celebrate the beautiful and talented designers based in Africa and outside the continent. AFWk2016 will not only provide participants with extraordinary promotion and media coverage, but this year the team is focused on creating business and employment via designs and setting the grounds for designer-buyer relationships in Africa with Ghana spearheading the process..

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This will be activated with the participation of over 10 buyers confirmed to attend and more to willing receive show updates via internet, and also over 450 Ghana based boutique owners set to participate, Accra Fashion Week 2016 promises to be a humongous business hub for fashion this year. has already confirmed as the most popular fashion week website in Africa with 3500 views PER DAY. To date over 3900 guests have registered to attend and still over half a year away. The 4 day fashion extravaganza is already reaching out to mainstream fashionistas, and will feature the best professional fashion models from across the continent such as South Africa, Nigeria, Gambia, Cape Verde and more.

Below are the dates, time and venues for the 2016 show. Remember to bookmark this page so that you won’t forge

6-9th October 2016, 11am – 10pm @ The Trade Fair

7-9th October 2016, 11am – 10pm @ Pavilion A & Pavilion B

7-9th October 2016, 11am – 10pm @ The Mobile Pavilion

7th October 2016, 7pm – 10pm @ Pavilion A

Below are 2 designers that will be participating at this year’s show:

Bri Wireduah (Ghana)
Set to hit the #AFWk2016 runway this year is Ghanaian born designer Bri Wireduah. Formally studying as a paediatric nurse for a good amount of time, she later realised she couldn’t contain her creative juice and decided to study fashion to pass away time. After attending JACCD, Bri picked up so much inspiration and eventually decided to pursue fashion as a career by taking various short courses to study menswear, beading and more. In 2012 Bri Wireduah did her first ever show room in her parents garage, at which point she realised her hobby could be turned into a career right in front of her eyes. Below are a few of her designs

AFW+Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (4) AFW+Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (5)Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (2)
For more on Bri Wireduah, follow her Instagram: @Wireduah

ChizÓ by Chisoma Lombe (Zambia)
ChizÓ by Chisoma Lombe is founded by former finance director at Action Aid International ZambiaChisoma Lombe. Currently one of Zambia’s most popular brand, Miss Lombe believes that women are capable of excelling if they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in things they do, and this is the basis behind her designs. In November 2013, she bought a sewing machine before employing two female tailors in December of that same year and that’s how ChizO started – she now has a work shop of tailors producing mass amounts for various outlets and public figures in Zambia. Today, Ms Lombe is a popular fashion designer in Lusaka, but her dream is to establish herself as an international designer and travel worldwide to compete on the international market. Her outfits are infused with colourful embroidery, which says, is because she likes to make bright, bold and unique outfits channelling the beauty of nature. Below are a few of her designs

Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (3) Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (4)Designers+accra+fashion+week+Zen+Magazine+2016 (5)
For more on ChizÓ by Chisoma Lombe, follow her Instagram: @chizosdezigns

If you are a designer and would love to participate at this year’s show, you can subscribe online today. Designer packages range from $350-$500 only and are subject to increase.

To register, visit, click on the registration tab and be a part of a phenomenon set to change business structure and fashion trade in Africa.