Dates: July 25 – August 15, 2014
Venue: AAF Gallery, 54 Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos
Artists Exhibiting: Momodou Ceesay, Printmaker & Painter (The Gambia), Clari Green, Graphic Designer (Nigeria), Pwavidon Mathias, Mixed media artist (Nigeria), Ifeanyi Oganwu, Designer (Nigeria),
Brian Omolo, Graphic artist (Kenya), Ada Umeofia, Architect & Designer (Nigeria).

Key Details: Designing Africa showcases the work of visual artists Momodou Ceesay, Clari Green, Pwavidon Mathias and Brian Omolo with origin as the underpinning theme. How do we define where we come from? By communicating their origins, present, future and imagined states they redefine the identity of Africa through printmaking, graphic design and illustration. 

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