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EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE featuring JAMIE FOXX: An Ivy League Inaugural Celebration

As the world prepares for President Barack Obama to enter his Second Term in office, we invite you to join us in celebration of a true milestone in American History. On this historic occasion, young professionals from across the country will descend upon the Nation’s Capital to celebrate the 2nd Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. We humbly request your attendance at what will be a special event held for and by like-minded and socially progressive elite. One of Hollywood’s brightest stars Jamie Foxx will be attending the event and we implore you all to Join in.

Venue: The Park at Fourteenth | 920 14th St. NW • WDC • 20005
Time: 9pm – 5am
Date: 20th Jan, 2013 (Sunday)

General Admission • $20  –  www.execpriv.co
Please consider bottle service and early arrival as a means to guarantee a great experience. For bottle service or table reservations please contact (202) 737-7275 or bottleservice@park14.com

More about Executive Privilege: Executive Privilege is an elite event hosted by young professional alumni from the most prestigious institutions in the country, set at the luxurious Park at Fourteenth. The Park at Fourteenth, was deemed “artistically, historically, and culturally significant,” and has been chosen to be a host location for one of this year’s official inaugural events. The Park at Fourteenth is today recognized by many critics and audiences as one of the East Coast’s most compelling venues. The year is young and we firmly believe that 2013 will be a yet another journey in excellence. Join us as we dare to embrace a future based largely on the hope that a bright tomorrow promises fond memories of today. Jamie Foxx has decided to join us in our celebration, as he embodies much of who we aspire to be – talented, ambitious, and determined to make an impact. If there is such thing as a universal truth, it is that you should always be there, you should always be beautiful, and you deserve to be seen.