The 2015 Art’Press Yourself Festival is just a couple of weeks away and here are all the important details for hottest fashion event to hit Paris next month. The fashion show is set to highlight fashion designers and artists inspired by Afro and urban culture from all across the world. APY 2015 is the opportunity for Parisians, fashion lovers and style lovers to converge together and witness the hottest fashion from designers of today and to give a tribute to their predecessors.


  • Navigate through the different areas of the exhibition-sales
  • Let yourself be carried away by an energetic and extravagant fashion show
  • Enjoy an exclusive “Afro Street Food” gift bag offered by APY
  • Let yourself be drawn into the ambiance of a DJ playing old school
  • Hip-hop / Afro-house music
  • More Exhibition-Sales
  • Music, street art, graphic design

From New York to Johannesburg, the designers who are scheduled to attend will share their amazing fashion inspirations with the guests. An imaginary journey through the ideas of designers from Senegal, South Africa, Belgium, France or United States. Clothes, accessories, graffiti, illustrations, paintings, the heart of the Afro street art will beat strong in Paris during APY’s time. Below are a few of the designers that will be exhibiting at the fashion show in Paris next month:

Designer Name: LADY HOOD


Launch year: 2011
Meaning: Symbolizes the period when women realize and accept what they are
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Africa, Vintage, feminine
Particularity: The renewal of vintage from the 60’s combined with African prints through a girly, colored and fashionable collection. A very jazzy and retro inspiration by the Afro american lifestyle of women in the 60’s
Inspiration: Her mother and all the people she can meet on the street
Facebook Page: LadyHood

Designer Name: KWADUSA


Launch Year: 2014
Meaning: The name – Kwadusa – is an Akan name and refers to a textile design referring to Ghana as the first African country to gain independence and it also means a bunch of bananas
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Danish design, fair trade, Africa

Particularity: Kids clothing brand for boys and girls aged ½ -10 years focused on design, fair trade and Africa. The clothes are a mix of the simplicity in Danish design, African fabrics and cool graphic prints.
Inspiration: Urban active kids, Danish design and African art, creativity and colors
Facebook Page: Kwadusa

Designer Name: KITOKO WAX


Launch Year: 2013
Meaning: Kitoko means ‘cute’ in lingala (language in Congo); ‘wax’ is the fabric used to realize traditional African pieces of clothing
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Prints, Street wear, Modern.
Particularity: Unique pieces designed for young people who look for a touch of eccentricity in outfits.
Inspiration: Buddha, Levi-Strauss, Daniel Buren
Facebook Page: KITOKO WAX

Designer Name: BEWAX


Launch Year: 2011
Meaning: Be wax. Use wax (African prints) to express your style
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Dance, colors, music
Particularity: Be Wax offers a funky way to put into movement any basic outfit creating its own style.
Inspiration: Africa, Europe, fashion
Facebook Page: BEWAX

Designer Name: UBUNTOU


Launch Year: 2013
Meaning: ‘Ubuntou’ is a traditional African concept which means ‘ the belief in an universal bond of sharing that
connects all humanity’
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Africa, sport, value
Particularity: Hoodies, over sized tee shirt, baseball jersey…Ubuntou suggests you to have a trendy, sporty and urban look colored and spiced by an Afro touch.
Inspiration: Ubuntu concept
Facebook PageUbuntou

Designer Name: AFRIKANISTA


Launch Year: 2014
Meaning: Association of African term and -ista suffix which means passion and attachment
Spirit of the brand in 3 words: Funky, vintage, Afro
Particularity: An offset collection giving a tribute to our parents, our origins, West African culture thanks to the illustrated pictures, African proverbs and Egyptian hieroglyphs
Inspiration: Mauritania, Ancient Egypt, Seydou Keita, Solange Knowles, afro it-girls with offset style
Facebook Page: Afrikanista

Date: Saturday 7th of November, 2015
Time: From 4pm to midnight at PAN PIPER
Venue: 2-4 Impasse Lamier 75011 Paris
Entrance fees APY 2015: 12 Euros

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Come DISCOVER several amazing emerging fashion designers and artists from different backgrounds who are inspired by Africa and the Afro urban culture.