The other day, I was thinking about African street style and how over-the-top we can get with our creativity and then it hit me, African street style actually has the AfroPunk vibe to it. It always has. Eccentric, edgy and oozing confidence. That would explain a lot.

AfroPunk came to be known as the African’s participation in a genre of art that was predominantly white like music, film and fashion. Founded in Brooklyn, New York, The AfroPunk Festival’s main purpose was to provide a safe space for black people to freely express their interests in the arts. Over the years, the festival has grown in demographic and has dates in Atlanta, Paris, London and Johannesburg too.

With that brief history of the festival, we have to appreciate that fashion is art and it has been celebrated to its fullest every year as people show off their creative flair in African- inspired looks. From clothes to accessories and even makeup, these are the styles that we could definitely take a pointer or two from.











Written by Christine Wothaya.