There are two things about African Fashion that drives us nuts The Prints and The Creativity”. Like some of you already know, we have a serious obsession for African Fashion and all through the holidays, we have been doing our research on the 9 designers we see doing incredible things in 2013. Some of these names you’ve heard before, while some you will get to hear about in the coming months. Each one of these 10 designers are changing the way we view fashion and are worthy to be on our list.

9. Eki Orleans is a vibrant womenswear label run by Hazel Aggrey-Orleans “Hazel was born in Germany but grew up in Nigeria”. Her label is all about fusing vibrant prints with the delicate texture of silk.

8. Wusuwaah’s Diary is a Belgium based fashion label run by Ghanaian Designer Constance Ama Owusuwaah. The brand specialize in Women/Men fashion “Accessories, T-Shirts, Skirts, Shorts, Jackets, Dresses and so much more.

7.  Kreyann’ is a Cameroonian fashion label run by Anna Ngann Yonn. The brand is all about the glamour look – creating clothes that can be worn by the everyday woman and not just the elite.

6. Washington Roberts loves creating his own style through this designs. The designer was born in Lagos, Nigeria but operates his business from his New York Office. The Washington Roberts Collection is elegant, sophisticated, and modern.

5. Loin Cloth and Ashes is a South African based fashion label. Run by Tanzanian Designer Anisa Mpungwe, the brand loves making dresses that create a statement while maintaining a timeless air of luxury and style.

4. Fabrosanz Creations is a South African fashion label run by Sandi Mabasa. Her collections always manage to feel fresh, chic and elegant.

3. Pooja Jeshang is another amazing Tanzanian brand we see doing big things this 2013. There designs are totally unique, one of a kind, and out of this world.

2. Yefiker is an Ethiopian brand run by the lovely Fikirte Addis. The brand loves using handmade cotton sourced in Ethiopia and creating breathtaking designs from the casual look to wedding dresses for women.

1. Eskado Bird is definitely a bestseller – the Tanzanian fashion label is run by Doreen Estazia K.P Noni and they are specialists in Ready-to-Wear clothes for women and men, bathing suits & accessories.

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