This is an exclusive preview into Adah Lux’s latest collection “Adah Lux for the Urban Nomad” and we are totally in love with the use of prints in this collection. The designer, Alia Lux, who operates from her base in the United States has decided to go back to Ghana this summer to focus on upgrading production for this collection. “I have ran into many quality control issues out of Ghana so I have decided to move to go back to Ghana to keep some of the production of Adah Lux garments in Ghana,” says Alia. “We will be coming out with a T-shirt line that will be printed here in the US. The T-shirt in the photo (VIBE$) is the 1st one and will be available online from next month.” Check out the preview images below and let us know what you think of the designs.

Alia+Lux+Preview+Zen+Magazine+Africa Alia+Lux+Preview+Zen+Magazine+Africa Alia+Lux+Preview+Zen+Magazine+Africa

As Alia Lux prepares to return to Ghana within the next few weeks, the designer is presently looking for a new team of talented tailors, pattern makers, fabric sources and interns in Ghana who will be willing to work on more fabulous designs for this collection. Anybody interested can contact her at

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Photography: Rameses Abdallah Photography
MUAH: Abibat Durosimi
Models: Clarke Flowers & Favour Kibali
Jewelry: Foxxlux