BFWP 2013Our top 3 looks from L-R: Adama Paris, Zacometi and Elie Kuame

The next set of runway images from Black Fashion Week Paris 2013 comes from Zacometi, Adama Paris and Elie Kuame. For fashion week, Adama Paris opened the show with a very colourful and feminine collection featuring some oversized jackets, gorgeous bum shorts, fitting pants, dresses and a lot of looks with different personalities. Adama is the founder of Black Fashion Week Paris and she loves using prints in all her collections which is evident in this collection. Below is a list of our top 4 looks from Adama Paris at fashion week:-

Adama Adama Adama adamaAdama shotAdama Paris pictured in the middle waving to the crowd after
showcasing a beautiful collection

Zacometi is one sophisticated designer you definitely need in your wardrobe if you are a man who loves to look urban and naturally chic. His collections featured a fantastic set of well-fitted suits, and winter coats all with the styles you need, and the fit you want. I am also so in love with those boots and shoes some of the guys wore. Very trendy!! Here are our 4 best looks from his showcase:-

Zacometti Zacometti Zacometti ZacomettiZacometti in SHotHaitian Designer Isaac-Joachim Pantaleon’s Zacometi rocked on the
runway. That’s a picture of the designer in the middle shaking the model.

Elie Kuame’s collection on the runway featured loads of pure white looks mixed with a few light green cyan fabrics to produce some amazing designs. The designer played with silk, lace, and a few other fabrics to create a stunning collection.

Elie Kuame Elie Kuame Elie Kuame Elie Kuame Elie in ShotElie Kuame pictured in the middle. Such a handsome gent and
we love that hat he is wearing

With so many great designs on display, The Black Fashion Week Paris 2013 was such an amazing show and one of the best fashion weeks this year promoting African fashion. We have witnessed outstanding designs from 6 designers at the 2013 BFWP, and we still have 7 more to go! Designers up next include Alphadi, Eliette Lesuperbe, Evgheni Hudorojcov, Helmer, Mame Fagueye Ba, Sophie Zinga and Mariah Bocoum.

So tell us guys, which look is your favorite from each of the designers? Be sociable, let’s talk about fashion!!

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Photo Credits: The Black Fashion Week Paris
Words by Michael