Multiple awards winning and highly sought after Ghanaian fashion designer, AFUA SAM is the founder and brain behind STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest growing fashion houses based in the Washington, DC. Unique, innovative, and edgy AFUA SAM of STUDIO D’MAXSI, creates masterpieces for the chic, bold and funky modern woman. Born to a family of six, remarkably self-taught Afua draws her creative artistic inspiration from her late father who was a touring musician. She also attributes her rich Ghanaian culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs. Having come from a poor and humble background, Afua’s journey in fashion and design started in Ghana, West Africa. Due to the hardships and personal life challenges she faced growing up and also later in life – she lost her father as a teenager, was separated from her mother for years before a reviving reunion which gave her strength and purpose, Fashion designing was the only thing that kept her going.

The new collection is daring, chic, artistic and sexy. Potential clients will be able to choose from a variety of dresses made from luxury fabrics for formal outings. As the brain behind the style and elegance of STUDIO D’MAXSI, Afua Sam says ‘My message through my fashion brand is – every woman can dare to be bold and confident but still very chic and sexy. My pieces are made for all women, no matter the size, shape, or height. I want to just inspire a sense of confidence to every  woman who decides to wear a piece that I create for them‘. Watch out for elegant silhouettes, vibrant colours and textures, masterpieces of art that is STUDIO D’MAXSI.