Make space in your wardrobe for Bestow Elan – so many fun trends to try

The arrival of summer is all about showing some skin and embracing new colours and patterns from your favourite African designers. We have got a lot of love for Bestow Elan “the 2011 BEFFTA Award – winning women’s wear label“. Recently, the brand released its Spring/Summer 2013 collection titled ‘Summer Memoirs

According to the designer, the inspiration behind the collection is that feeling of summer that stays in your memory… Something that’s kept sacred and makes you smile the moment it pops into your head… we’ve all been there! Bestow Elan’s 2013 Summer Memoirs collection aims to put you in that state.

The designer behind this label Erzumah Ackerson draws her inspiration from both classic and vintage desings, as well as influences from her Ghanaian heritage – which in turn allows her to create garments that are often described as timeless, feminine and chic. Bestow Elan’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is a collection worth stalking this month because it’s a great example of what summer fashion is all about – fun, chic, and colour!

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Twitter: @BestowElan
Facebook: BestowElan

Photo Credits
Model: Merci Saidi
Photographs by Veronika Papadopoulou
Make-Up Artist: Teresa Reynolds
Shoes: Finsk At Soboye Boutique
Jewellery: Joansu