N'kya Designs

N’kya Designs is one of our favorite African fashion brands because their designs are always bold and the mix of colours in each piece are very vibrant. This collection was launched in Ghana a while ago and it is called The Dawn Collection. The collection symbolizes a rebirth of the brand from its’ former base in the UK to its now present base in Africa. In each piece, Lace detailing was key as well as the signature combination of wax print fabrics with other textures. The designer and businesswoman behind this amazing brand is Sheila Boateng and has always sourced materials from Ghana and a few neighboring African countries. Expect more from N’kya designs within the next few weeks as they unveil their new collection during the FashionMist 2012 event taking place this weekend in the UK.

Visit their website to scroll through more amazing designs: http://www.nkyadesigns.com
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