Duafe Denim

Duafe Denim is a fresh fashion brand that puts the elegance back into Jeanswear. Duafe combines Ntuma/Ankara material with jeans to give it that fiery look for a woman who likes wearing jeans with a difference. The whole concept of the brand is drawn from the name “Duafe – an Adinkra symbol from Ghana that symbolises beauty” which fits perfectly to portray the beauty of all female shapes whether you are African, European, Asian, American or Mixed.

The jeans is made from a unique knit of denim and spandex that stretches horizontally and vertically, and is quite light on the skin, hence can be perfectly contoured to all body types. It has a perfect fit for all women ‘especially those with curvy hips and full thighs‘, as they provide comfort and flexibility that regular denim jeans across the world don not offer. If you are ever looking for jeans that will accentuate your curves, Duafe Denim is the brand for you!

Visit their website: www.duafedenim.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/duafedenimofficial
Twitter: @DuafeDenim