Some of our Favourite Designs from Eaden Myles 

Eaden Myles has all the qualities to be a top fashion brand; flair and creativity, alongside a good understanding of fashion. The brand are currently one of the coolest men’s fashion labels producing high fashion, high quality, European inspired men’s suits. The brand was founded by Eric Eaden Myles Ampong who is a Ghanaian Canadian citizen. Eaden Myles officially launched in Toronto, Canada in March 2012. Since its launching, Eaden Myles has launched in Ghana & will be launching in USA by the end of 2013. We had a chat with the designer to talk about his journey through fashion, his expectations and why it’s important to him to be exhibiting at Africa fahion Week New York.

ZeN: What’s your brands main focus as a fashion label?
EM: Eaden Myles currently focuses on men’s fashion. I pride myself in engineering pieces that give my clients the opportunity to confidently express themselves through their wardrobe selections. Our goal is to produce a generation of stylish, confident men, one man at a time.

ZeN: What is your brands production process?
EM: We produce both ready-made suits and customized suits/shirts/blazers/trousers. Clients who are interested in customized menswear can expect a delightful 4 week journey between the first consultation and the final delivery of their customized item. The process of producing a collection begins with the selection of colors and prints to be used. I then design based on the fabric and prints I have selected, then I have samples produced at which point I tweak things here and there based on the whether or not I am well pleased with the finished product.

ZeN: What makes your brand luxurious and ethical?
EM: I pride myself in the use of high quality fabrics and accessories in every piece I produce. Luxury is always on the forefront of my mind when branding, and designing my pieces. The use of high quality fabrics and designs that are the in line with the leading edge of menswear maintain the suitability of my pieces.

ZeN: What are the materials used for your designs?
EM: We use wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, satin, silk and poly-rayon blend materials.

ZeN: What resources do you think black designers need to move forward in this competitive industry?
EM: I believe they need confidence in their designs, and an assertive non-quitting attitude. Black designers need to also support and collaborate more with each other.

ZeN: Why do you want to show in New York? Why is it important to you?
EM: Showing in New York gives me the opportunity to share with the world the creative designs I have to offer. It is exciting to do this in one of the fashion capitals of the world.

ZeN: What have been your challenges as a designer?
EM:  Getting others to sometimes understand, with the same passion, my design vision before the final pieces are put together.

ZeN: Tell us about your style, designs, and inspirations?
EM: My designs use both African print and western fabrics. However my inspiration for fashion chiefly comes from European fashion.

ZeN: What is African Fashion to you?
EM:  To me, African fashion is using inspiration from the traditional pieces of our past and fusing them with modern day western attire.

ZeN: Where can we purchase your items?
EM:  Pieces can be purchased from our showroom in Toronto2100 Steeles Ave W, Suite 201 – Vaughan, Ontario L4K 2V1. We are in the process of setting up an e-commerce store. We also accept orders from our clients via email.

ZeN: What celebrity would you dress if you could?
EM: Idris Elba. He brings the inspiration of everything I do together – Africa, Europe, America, all together.

ZeN: Any last words of Inspiration to inspire the younger generation of designers coming out of Africa?
EM: Be bold, Be you!

You can connect with the designer via his Social media handles below
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#FashionEvent – Save the Dates: #AFWNY 2013 Runway Show will be from July 18th, 19th, and 20th 
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