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We are huge fans of fashion for charity and 1 charity organization that is doing remarkable things in Tanzania and Ghana is TEACH Time to Empower Africa’s Children. A few months ago, TEACH launched Kauli an African ethical fashion boutique rooted on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania. The aim of Kauli is to act as an income generator “via fashion” for TEACH to help sustain its projects, whilst also alleviating poverty, empowering and educating women and ensuring environmental sustainability. Kauli offers beautiful and unique handmade bags from Bogolanfini, Kitenge, Leather and Canvas, and Stripweave materials. The bags are individually crafted in Africa, are stylish whilst maintaining durability and lightness. Jared Jessup is the Creative Director of Kauli and is responsible for the vision of Kauli and its translation into the unique products it produces.

According to Jared, Kauli is a social enterprise venture that aims to empower Tanzanian women to make a positive change to their lives and their communities. We equip them with the skills needed to produce fashion items of a high standard that will be sold in the Western and tourist market in Tanzania and East Africa.

This fabulous range includes a wide selection from handbags to purses and soft luggage. The bags are exclusively available online at http://kauli.co/shop/index.html 

ABOUT TEACHTEACH was founded in 2008 after sisters Krupa and Shivani Patel were inspired by their profound volunteer experiences in Ghana. After working in the Eastern Region assisting community schools with renovation works and capacity building, they started to lay the foundations for independently run projects which were more closely aligned to their core values. Driven by their determination to increase the scope of their work and continue to be part of the larger positive change within Africa, the sisters returned to the United Kingdom to plant the seeds of their organisation…and so TEACH was born.

For more information on TEACH’s projects please visit www.teachafrica.org.uk

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