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Fashion season is back – and so’s our thirst for fashion. De-Mes’Tiks NYC by Reuben Reuel was officially launched in 2010 and its first women’s wear label was exclusively sold on Edressme.coma Popular shopping platform“. Creative director and founder of the brand Reuben Reuel decided to follow his fashion dreams in 2007. He left his home-town of Virginia Beach, VA to the fashion capital of the world New York and after working, learning and being a freelance sample maker and design assistant for several design companies, he decided in 2010 it was time to create his own fashion label to produce what he has learnt with the ideas in his heart. De-Mes’Tiks NYC is all about providing contemporary, classic designs with a hint of vintage flair. The aesthetic of the label is finding fabrics that inspire creativity. Here, he tells Zen his fashion journey and why it’s important for him to exhibit at Africa Fashion Week New York. We also find out what makes his brand luxurious, sustainable and ethical?

ZeN: Describe your business of fashion
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: I keep my business simple. My design process is all about bringing a new approach to fashion drawing inspiration from the past.

ZeN: What is your background as a fashion designer?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: I studied fashion design in high school at a vocational school and after graduating I went to college to continue studying fashion design. I started out making custom dresses for friends and personal clients. Once I moved to New York in 2007, I worked for a few other designers to learn the business. The summer of 2012, De-Mes’Tiks New York was born.

ZeN: Tell us about the production process. Do you manufacture or do you use cooperatives?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Everything is made to order by me and a small team of local seamstresses

ZeN: What makes you the designer and/or your brand innovative?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: The use of traditional textile and transforming them into something modern, wearable, unique, and affordable

ZeN: What makes your brand luxurious? What makes your brand sustainable and/or ethical?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Demestiks NYC focuses on delivering quality, well-made garments to its customers. We are dedicated to providing contemporary, classic designs with a twist using fabrics, trims, notions, and production facilities in New York City in efforts to support “domestic” commerce.

ZeN: What are the materials used for your designs? 
De-Mes’Tiks NYC:  100% Holland wax cotton. However other fabrics and textiles will be introduced in future collections.

ZeN: How do you think brands outside of Africa can brand their product in Africa?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Designing and creating clothes that appeal to their market

ZeN: What resources do you think black designers need to move forward in this competitive industry?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Tenacity and bravery

ZeN: Why do you want to show in New York? Why is it important to you?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: It is important to make people aware of local artisans; to showcase a creative approach to traditional fabrics. This is a platform to showcase what’s in my heart.

ZeN: Tell us about your style, designs, and inspirations?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: I am inspired by colour, prints, and feminine silhouettes

ZeN: What is African Fashion to you?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Anything that celebrates the culture

ZeN: Name 3 things you love doing everyday?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Sewing, listening to music, and spending time roaming discovering new places in NYC

ZeN: Where can we purchase your items?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: www.demestiksnyc.etsy.com

ZeN: What celebrity would you dress if you could?
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Solange Knowles and Kerry Washington

ZeN: Please provide a customized quote, to inspire young designers looking up to you.
De-Mes’Tiks NYC: Live to create, create to live

A picture of the designer Sourced from Design Sponge

Save the Dates People: Africa Fashion Week New York 2013 Runway Show will be from July 18th, 19th, and 20th 
Location: New York Financial district at 41 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004

Visit www.afwny.com or www.adiree.com for more information!!

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