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MAZE COUTURE is a UK based African designer whose brand has become synonymous with the finest bespoke kaftans, shirts, trousers, dresses and blazers. The brand is all about creating stunning “one of a kind” outfits made of the finest quality with coordinated embroidery. All bespoke outfits are tailor-made to suit your body shape and height perfectly. According to the designer, Our Maze Couture signature style collection is F.U.T.U.R.I.S.T.I.C and for people who appreciate African couture.  We had a chat with the designer to talk about his journey through the fashion industry and why New York is the most important place to showcase as a designer.

ZeN: Tell us a little bit about where are you from and how your heritage influenced your designs?
Maze Couture: I am a Nigerian and the rich, colourful daring effortless culture influences my designs. Nigerians like good things and looking good is exceptionally important to us and that is something that I love delivering to each and every client because when you look good you feel good that confidence shows.

ZeN: What is your background as a fashion designer?
Maze Couture: I have always been interested in fashion! I used to make my own bow ties at a very young age and loved styling people. I studied Civil Engineering back in Uni and I noticed there were some aspects and elements of the design process within Engineering that I could incorporate into the drawing and pattern cutting of garments. I know Civil Engineering is a more stable career but my passion was not in Civil Engineering so I wanted to focus on my passion and I later worked with couture and product designers. I have also worked for luxury companies such as Montblanc and Christian Dior under the LVMH Moët Hennessy helping him develop his creative style and gain an understanding of luxury garments.

ZeN: What is your brand’s production process? 
Maze Couture: First the pattern is cut out into the desired fabric, shape and style. The embroidery is applied to the parts of the fabric. The embellishment has to be stitched on one by one, it is all hand processed and is all produced in the UK. Each order is handled personally by the creative director to ensure that all our clients get the expert attention and customer service they deserve for a completely bespoke creation. All bespoke outfits are tailor-made to suit your body shape and height perfectly, with our reassurance that the choicest of fabrics are used in the process.

ZeN: What makes your brand innovative?
Maze Couture: I think what makes our brand innovative is the Excellence in our designs. Excellence is reflected through colors, innovative designs, fabric quality and meticulous finishing thereby creating both couture and ready – to – wear garments with impeccable detailing.

ZeN: What makes your brand luxurious?
Maze Couture: Our bespoke designs service (which most of our clients go for) guarantees the creation of a stunning “one of a kind” outfit made exclusively for you, of the finest quality with coordinated embroidery. Embroidery and professional finishing will be used to create a stunning creation with your name written all over it. Maze Couture signature style collection is F.U.T.U.R.I.S.T.I.C!!! With designs inspired from ethnic, native, exotic, cultural and traditional fabrics.

ZeN: What makes your brand sustainable and/or ethical?
Maze Couture: The Maze Couture brand always aims to please so that every client is satisfied. We pride our brand in knowing that every piece is specially made precisely for you and that is what makes us ethical and sustainable … our customer satisfaction!

ZeN: What are the materials used for your designs?
Maze CoutureAnkara” light weight colourful fabric”, Raw silk “Rich, smooth lustrous fabric”, Damask “a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving Italian Linen: luxurious light weight material

ZeN: Why do you want to show in New York? Why is it important to you?
Maze Couture: I am eager to show in New York because I believe my brand is unique and will bring the traditional styles with a more modern twist/look and feel. It is very important to me because I love representing my culture in any way I can. I believe you can be traditional but still sexy, sophisticated and classy no matter where you are going. New York is the Mecca of fashion and what better place to show such a diverse crowd what I really have to offer. I’m excited.

ZeN: What have been your challenges as a designer?
Maze Couture: At first my challenge as a designer was when I first started out and was trying to get my name out there. I didn’t take no for an answer and kept a strong faith throughout because I knew my goal had to be achieved.  As I gain more success and recognition, it doesn’t stop me rather it motivates me to do more.

ZeN: Tell us about your style, designs, and inspirations?
Maze Couture: I love timeless and effortless key statement pieces. Anything can inspire me whether it’s a distinct color, something that catches my eye while walking or driving or even a new trend but adding my own twist to it. My designs are unique, yes there are many dresses, pants, shoes out there in the market but making something your own to where when someone puts it on they know that it is a Maze Couture piece is very fulfilling for me

From Top – Bottom: Designs from Maze Couture’s Latest Collection.

ZeN: What does African Fashion mean to you?
Maze CoutureAfrican fashion to me is a cluster of amazing colors, patterns put together to represent one amazing culture

ZeN: Name three of your favorite things to do?
Maze Couture: Spending quality time with good friends, family, traveling, and designing

ZeN: Where can readers purchase your items?
Maze Couture or email:

ZeN: What celebrity would you dress if you could?
Maze CoutureOmotola Jalade-Ekenide and President Barack Obama

ZeN: Any inspirational words for the younger generation of African designers
Maze CoutureThere are no limitations in fashion

Designer, Chimaze Okure

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