Adah Lux

Africa is blessed with so many brilliant African fashion brands that are yet to be exposed and Adah Lux is one of them. Adah Lux is a line of clothing and accessories brand that is inspired by a young designer’s passion for culturally authentic textiles and modern trends. Adah Lux combines ethnic prints with contemporary styles creating elegant, urban, ready to wear pieces that personify and beautify the global citizen in all women.

The designer of the amazing brand is Alia Lux. Alia is a second generation seamstress, who was raised in a home where designing and architecting creativity were in abundance. She started designing at the age of 7, drawing her ideas out for her mom who would then create them. In her late teens, she began a reconstructed denim line, that consisted of unique, custom pieces which incorporated other textiles, including African wax prints.

Alia Lux’s family ties to Ghana and passion for Africa, has allowed her to immerse herself in the textile industry in Africa, which continues to inspire, teach and fuel her creativity.

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