This collection is definitely a hit because it has what every man searches for in a male collection; it’s quality, it’s fitting and it feels good on the skin. This elite men’s brand is called, FOURFRONT1602 and the collection is the GILEKO which means “Vest” in Greek. It’s made of thirty singles jersey as well as knitted fabrics. One of the inspirations is the contemporary “Classic Americana” look by Ralph Lauren which he has provided over the years. The GILEKO is a modern twist of classic America with a European contemporary twist that focuses on “simplicity, quality and lifetime“.

“According to the creative director of the brand Eman AWURO, We are inspired by nature, architecture and our lifestyles as entrepreneurs by what we do on a day to day basis which is less talk and more action; and that is what the Fourfront model is all about. It’s giving you the feel of what life is about from the standpoint of what a leader is all about when things are not working the conventional way. He is always a weird guy connected with himself and the greater God in him that does the things that seem to be unreal but end up working. People in general also inspire us like go-getters, what inspires them inspires us; the need to be innovative and creative and make a statement like what the fashion lifestyle is all about. That symbolically is what the Fourfront brand is all about; “making magic where there is no magic”.

FOURFRONT1602 is the perfect choice for the suave, debonair gentleman who dares to be different. FOURFRONT1602 is Co-owned and run by Cameroonian designer Joseph Mbeh, and American Raymond Wong.

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