Don’t be surprised if you see your Granny’s shoes on some high fashion model at a Runway show. Its the new dope.

Fashion they say, is recyclable and that’s why I’ve learnt over time that you don’t throw items away just because its out of trend now, you never know, but in a few years, it might just be the in-thing and it will be so expensive and hard to find.

So because fashion fades and style is eternal, we are loving a new trend of shoes inspired by the 60’s, a real stylish comeback. Here are 3 FootWear  Trends you need to get on .

The Low Heel Pumps!!

downloadimg_9109Whether they come as two toned, or in plain colours, these babies are always super gorgeous and when you wear them, it’s like you’re channeling your inner good girl. A bit pricey right now because they are new in but it’s totally worth it!


The Chanel SlingBack


These slingback pumps are Karl Lagerfeld’s reinterpretation of Coco Chanel’s iconic two-tone pump and made its debut at the Chanel Fall/Winter 2015/16 ready-to-wear show where all the models wore it for every single look. It is available in Chanel boutiques after a painstaking process with over 75 steps, crafted by the Chanel artisans at the house’s Roveda factory in Italy.

Apart from the fact that they are super expensive, it’s stylish and comfortable, goes well with anything and any colour. Suitable for night time pattying as opposed to the regular two-toned pumps.

The Flat Or Low Heel Mules


Tap into this season’s chicest shoe craze with these flat mules. I love the vintage sophistication, the easiness, and the modern vibe. If you love comfy slip-ons that is easy to wear when you’re on the go, you’ll definitely love this.

Hope you’ve been inspired to get ahead on the biggest footwear trends and are ready to stock up.

So which of these will you be adding to your wardrobe? Tell us, and why…