Kaela Kay is pleased to introduce its Spring Summer 2014 Collection! Officially released in April, the collection features bright, bold and fun prints which are turned into feminine, classy and fashionable silhouettes. With a focus on summer infused colours including yellow, pink and turquoise, the collection also features Kaela Kay signature colours including purple, orange and green. Combined together, these colours make for a SS2014 Collection that Kaela Kay is truly proud of. Check out the stunning collection below.

Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa00 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa0Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa1 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa2

Whether it is a day dress, an evening dress, a chic jumpsuit or a cool blazer, there is something in the collection for every Kaela Kay woman. The pieces in the SS2014 Collection are a depiction of what a Kaela Kay fashionable summer would present. There is a piece for any occasion: work, dinner date, church, reception, ceremony etc. – and we are convinced that in any piece, the Kaela Kay woman will be the center of attention. Kaela Kay welcomes all of its fashionable lovelies to have a fantastic summer and to look fabulously distinct in their standout Kaela Kay piece. So go ahead, start a conversation – a fashionable Kaela Kay conversation.

Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa3 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa4 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa5 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa6 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa7 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa8 Kaela+Kay+SS2014+Collection+Zen+Magazine+Africa9

Which look from Kaela Kay’s SS 2014 Collection is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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Photography by Jennifer Conley Images | Make-up Artists Glam and Eros Make-up Artistry,  TruFace Make-up