Our best and Brightest Looks from Maki Oh’s Fall 2013 Collection

Every season it’s different and every season it’s all quality from Maki Oh.  The Nigerian Womenswear brand recently saw the international release of the Maki Oh Fall 2013 Collection and video. On its release, the collection video, which featured music by Award Winning writer Solange, bagged the coveted landing page on leading global fashion website style.com. The Fall 2013 Collection is titled ‘Ideals 103’, and through it, Maki Oh explores the rules governing ‘sacred ways of dressing’ in Nigeria, as well as the ways of circumventing them. The simple shapes in the alluring collection portray a subtle complexity as they play the sensual game of hiding and revealing. ‘Ideals 103’ sees blacks, creams and ‘Adire‘  blue tones paired with pastels – mint, lilac and buttercup. These come to life in brocade dresses, hand-dyed scarf print blouses, devoré silk velvet dresses, quilted silk velvets, silk-cotton mix skirts, and vinyl thread hand-embroidered on sequinned fabric.

According to the designer, the collection expresses a distinct interplay of textures, colours and form. Its silhouettes and colours are inspired by a fusion of traditional Nigerian womenswear, Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Dreams’ and the carnality of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. Its embellishments take direct inspiration from J.D Okhai Ojeikere’s ‘Hair Style’ photo series in which he features ‘thread’ – the West African hairstyle (popular in the 60s to 80s) achieved by wrapping black threads tightly around partitioned hair.

Prints and embellishments in the Maki Oh Fall 2013 Collection highlight ‘thread’ as being more popular among the extremely prim and proper in present day Nigeria. In contrast, the collection’s slip dresses, ‘faux denim jackets’, concealed slits and transparent panels come together to play the sly role of evading the austere code of dressing.

Adire‘, the traditional Yoruba hand-painted and hand-dyeing technique, features again this season, in handed-down visual proverbs such as ‘Omi‘ – “the water may dry up but the path remains the same” and ‘Egungun Eja‘ – “there is no fish without bones“, while bespoke hand-painted ‘Oh! lines’ act as visual expletives.

To view the Maki Oh Fall ’13 collection video, visit: https://vimeo.com/62649921

About Maki Oh is a womenswear label that was conceived to initiate a continuous appreciation for ‘self’ and individuality, through fashion. The label arouses a strong sense of identity and culture, and it exists to challenge prevailing notions of beauty. The label was started in 2010 by Maki Osakwe, whose passion for couture and culture continues to inspire the artisanal collections of Maki Oh. Each collection is founded on the need to play a part in keeping cultural heritage alive. This belief forms the essence of Maki Oh, and intensifies the seduction of the label as it moves and travels beyond physical beauty to unite emotion, intuition, sexuality and fashion.

Connect with Maki Oh on Twitter: @Maki_Oh
Website: http://maki-oh.com/