MAUKE V Jewelry Runway images of some of the models wearing MAUKE V Jewelry

From one fashion week to another, the trends are electricity and the fashion on display are always magical. Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend happened last month in Paris and one brand that showcased their Jewellery collection at the event was MAUKE V Jewelry. The Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend is hosted in Paris every year and it was created to allow fashion designers from 5 continents the chance of showcasing their designs to the French market. MAUKE V Jewelry had a beautiful display at LEFW and we have all the pictures to prove it.

According to the designer, “My latest collection ‘My Alter-Ego’ tells a story about a woman who loves to show one version of herself but when looking in her eyes, you get to see something special about her… the other version of herself… her Alter Ego, which is asking for a voice. I want our fashion pieces to allow women feel special, unique and elegant.”

Below are a few images from the runway show Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend 2013 (Models wearing her Jewellery)

MAUKE V Jewelry MAUKE V Jewelry MAUKE V Jewelry MAUKE V Jewelry MAUKE V Jewelry

The materials the designer used in this collection include wax cord, sterling silver, feathers, leather cords and precious stones. “I think I will always work with these materials, I just love to mix them all up,” says the designer. “During the designing process, I draw my inspiration from female names like Roxy, Dominique and so many others. I then visualize how would a woman who has the name ROXY look like and what kind of clothes and jewellery would she wear. I get inspiration from all sorts of places and for this collection, I also got inspired from a dance I love so much “The Tango”. I love the dance, the moves, and I just imagine a beautiful woman at night looking drop dead gorgeous wearing a beautiful gown, high heels, flawless make-up and off course wearing our Jewellery. She is fierce, she dances the Tango as a pro, all men want to dance with her. She is the centre of the attraction and for me, I feel with our pieces will make the wearer be the main attraction.”

Images of Her jewellery line – all handmade

Maureen Vorswijk is the head designer and founder of MAUKE V Jewelry. She is of Surinamese origin, but has her West African heritage from her great-great-grandparents. The designer operates from her atelier in Amsterdam and her Jewellery line is simply amazing.

If you would like to buy any one of these items, please contact MAUKE V Jewelry on their website link below or via their social media handles all listed below.

Facebook: Mauke V  
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Updates on Her New Collection: MAUKE V Jewelry will present a small lingerie collection next month and we will keep you posted with all the exclusives as soon as we get them from the designer.