A Collection with a twist, The Nahic Liam Collection
brings something different to the fashion world

Eyola is a Victorian inspired brand that creates limited edition and one of a kind pieces for women who love to look glamorous and gorgeous. Eyola was created by Aloye Adede, a London born Nigerian fashion designer and the inspiration for the brand came from the Victorian Era in Venice, Italy though it still carries a touch of African heritage along with it. Eyola recently released some new images from their Nahic Liam Collection, according to the designer –

 “The clothes are inspired by Victorian chainmail armour: inspired by the metallic features of chainmail armour with a graceful feminine twist. The silk wools used in the designs have a sheen of silk finish to represent the metallic qualities of chainmail. The tailored cut coupled with the fluid fabric and pearls celebrate the contrasting elements, rigidity and fluidity found in chainmail armour. ‘Nahic Liam‘ unscramble the words to reveal the phrase ‘Chain Mail’ a term coined by the Victorian era to describe any sort of metallic body armor. Civilizations that used mail had different terms for the individual types of garments. For instance widows took a huge fondness for chain mail mesh bags painted with black lacquer or enamel to signify mourning.”

The clothes are made from the finest material with an edge to their designs making them absolutely show-stopping and adorable. The Sister label to EyolaFemme De Rose” will be releasing its’ first Limited Edition Pre-Made Blazers later this month. The Pre-Made Blazers will be called The Colour Wheel, each blazer costs £195 and will be available online for purchase. This collection is a first for Femme De Rose and they are incredibly excited to show it the world. Expect our Editorial on The 195 Collection in our December Digital Christmas Issue.

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