Gele head wraps have been part of Africa’s history and different cultures for well over 50 years. From the days of our forefathers, women across Africa have proudly worn the head wraps, making them one of fashion’s most versatile and timeless accessory to add to your overall traditional look for weddings or for special African gatherings. Nigerian born photographer Tayo Ola captured a few gorgeous shots of 2 beautiful African models wearing 2 different Gele wraps. “The theme and inspiration behind the shoot was to put together an African beauty shoot that captured the true beauty of the African Woman” says Tayo Ola. “Alexus is from Nigeria and she represents the Western Part of Africa while Betty is from Ethiopia and she represents the Eastern Part of Africa. So I decided I could set up a shoot that captured the beauty of Gele. I believe there is so much energy in our culture and I believe so much in African fashion.” Check out a few images from the photo shoot below photographed in New Jersey. We love the head wraps, the colours, the accessories and the models. Everything looks gorgeous!!

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Photo credits: Photographer: Tayo Ola | Makeup Artist: Idia Iwelu | Model: Alexus Jegede & Betty Blue