Every girl needs that one pair of jeans that fit perfectly and WanguJeans has
got that covered

When it comes to denim, we love all things WanguJeans. We even did a competition last year and 2 of our lucky ladies each got a sexy pair of WanguJeans. What we love so much about WanguJeans is its’ classic denim cut with that personal and constructed fit; inspired by you; It’s simply amazing! The brand was founded in 2011 with the principle “Jeans with the African woman in mind“. One of our favourite collections from WanguJeans has to be there most recent collection “Sésu“; named after the brands ambassador, British-Nigerian musician and writer Brigitte Sésu Tilley-Gyado

WanguJeans designs all there jeans in Scandinavia with its’ main production is done in Italy. The brands collection is inspired by Africa and they use a very high quality denim fabric in all their products.

‘According to the head designer of the brand, Our jeans stand out from the crowd, and we love to design jeans with a specific good fit which is customize to women of color. The jeans have a classic denim look, with no uncomfortable gap at the waist. They are made of real denim’ says Jens Christian Schildberg Østergaard, CEO of WanguJeans

The brands product are currently across a few stores in Germany, Holland, France, and in the UK. In Africa, you can get them in Kenya and Nigeria and WanguJeans are planning to expand into the American market. “Our products will be launched in Chicago on www.hautechicago.com and this would officially crown our official breakthrough into the US market“.

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