The Suäve brand embodies effortless style with a unique elegance and artistic flair, resonating with an ultra-modern sophistication, class and elegance. The Kenyan based brand not only offers customers the highest quality products and astute finishes but one that has an urbane, chic and classy personality that immediately makes you stand out in a crowd.


Suäve products undergo high standards of craftsmanship to bring out the exquisite look. The bags are a blend of different materials like tweed, wool, cotton, herringbone, linen, denim and leather. Check out more stunning looks from Suäve.

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Prices of the bags vary from $60, $100, $200 (including shipping) and can be delivered all over the world.

For more information, follow the designer on Twitter at  or shoot us an email at

Models: Kamau Deloys and Alvin Gicheru
Photography and Lighting: Joseph Baraza and Mohammed Abbas
Bags by Awale Mohammed of Suäve
Styling and words by Bryan Emry​