Shar OkeDelicate jewellery pieces always charm a woman’s mind

Imagine a jewellery brand that believes in glamour and luxury without the luxury price tag. If you can imagine that, then you have an idea of what SHAR OKE are all about, a beautiful jewellery brand that creates one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that you can wear everyday or to make an evening outfit extra special. Founded by Sharon Oke, SHAR OKE is a design company inspired by the designer’s cultural roots of Nigeria, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the designer, when a woman gets dressed, jewellery is often the last item that she slips on to match her well-planned outfit just before heading out of the door. At Sharon Oke, we want to flip this perspective so that the collection’s dramatic pieces are not merely last minute punctuations for an outfit, but the eye-catching essentials that become the look.

Here are a few pieces from the collection: Shar Oke Shar Oke Shar Oke Shar Oke Displayed here is a sexy, practical, chic and classic jewellery collection, with bold colors, patterns and architecture of the culture with a modern twist. The designer offers unique handcrafted pieces for everyday women who want to stand out in the crowd. The design company houses two lines: “The SHAR OKE and the SMOKE COLLECTION“. Below is 1 shot from the SMOKE COLLECTION SMOKE CollectionThe Shar Oke line is all handmade by me,” says Sharon. “The SMOke is curated with a combination of handcrafted pieces and I think it will appeal more to adventurous women. SMOke is a collection of high quality, urban pieces made for the fashion-forward woman who looks to what is fresh, new and trendy.”

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Photographer – Jennifer Conley Images 
Models – Sarah Faraone & Claudia Stone
Stylist – Tara Ocansey