One thing we love summer for is it brings out all the bright colours. Fun, fearless colours that you won’t be seen caught wearing on a regular day. For Canadian style magazine S/Style Magazine, Summer has arrived in this editorial feature with South Sudanese model Aluad Anei. From colourful head scarves to beachwear glam, if you want to take your look to a viral level this month then equip your closet with these looks inspired by summer. Be bold, bright and sexy in colour blocking combos that turn heads. Photographed in Canada by Rayan Ayahs and styled by Nadia PizzimentiEnjoy!!!

Aluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+AfricaAluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+Africa (6)Aluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+Africa (3)Aluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)Aluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+Africa (4)Aluad+Anei+For+S+Style+Magazine+Style+Feature+Zen+Magazine+Africa (5)

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Source: Style Pantry