Sun GoddessThis is one of our fave pieces from Sun Goddess’s Gold Endurance Collection

Our fabulous friends from Sun Goddess SA are back again on Zen with their latest collection called The Gold Endurance Collection. It’s a collection that combines elegance with cool, beautiful fabrics to make clothing that is not only fashionable but also African.

According to the designer, the designs in this collection are quintessentially South African as highlighted in the rare and exquisite signature handiwork, fabrics and unique palettes, thereby defining African luxury. We are also inspired by the possibility of taking what has made us dream in the past and renewing it while still maintaining its fundamentals. The introduction of new shapes highlights progression in some memorable pieces of our heritage. They are revisited in a modern context while the focus is still on the application of ancient design aesthetics as expressed in handiwork and craftsmanship. We look at heritage & history and put it in our own framework and that continues to fuel the evolution of the Sun Goddess luxury lifestyle.

Sun Goddess Sun Goddess sun goddess Sun Goddess Sun Goddess

With mother nature as their ultimate teacher & muse, Sun Goddess found great inspiration from horses, as they’ve always been closely linked to many traditions, heritage & advancements in our societies. To the designers at Sun Goddess, it’s a collection that represents endurance, strength & timeless values. “This collection says embrace your own strength, & brilliance.

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