Hi People, how’s the weekend coming along?

As you know, Instagram is the number one place to catch a glimpse of what’s hot and happening, from street style accessories to inspirational #OOTD looks, not to mention all that’s happening during fashion month. This is going to be a new weekly segment on Zen Magazine Africa where  we bring you the most stylish and fabulous Africans on Instagram.

It will be centered on young and creative Africans serving life, fashion or anything that we appreciate and think you will love and possibly draw some inspiration or style from. So if you’re a little bored on the gram or you ain’t following the right crowd? Just read on to find a cool handful of people who will keep you inspired, stylish, entertained and in the know all day long.

1.) Tsholo Dikobe
Follow her on Instagram: @thekhoifro 

Tsholo Dikobe is a Botswana style blogger and fashion stylist with an unusual bold style, loves wearing African prints, and is a proud naturalista. She has also been featured on CNN African voices trail blazer. You’ll be happy to have her on your timeline.


2.) Ada Oguntodu
      Follow her on Instagram: @stylebyada  

You probably know Ada, the fashion and style enthusiast, popularly known on Instagram for her formally documented looks which she creates to inspire her followers on everyday styling, fashion trends, and how to maximise your wardrobe. This picture of her in a pink jumpsuit which she spiced up with pastel accessories is a reason to follow her on Instagram.


3.)  Sivuyile Madikana
       Follow him on Instagram: @thesivu


And while raiding Instagram’s men’s style department, we found Sivuyile’s feed and it was such a treasure trove, Needless to say this dude looks dapper in anything, even when he’s wearing a simple polo Tee shirt and a pair of washed out pinafores. With those shades and that attitude, can you blame us for crushing on his style so hard?


4.)   Remi Afolabi
       Follow him on Instagram: @remiafolabi

Funny enough, it was a bit of hard work trying to get a picture of Remi where she actually stared at the camera, the style blogger and fashion curator is a rebel when it comes to photography, she does it like an artist and her feed is purely refreshing. You gotta keep up with Remi on the gram if you love simple, slouchy and comfy fashion.


5.) Asiyami Gold
      Follow him on Instagram: @asiyami_gold  
   asiyami_gold-1471367656372We love the beautiful designer, model and fashion blogger Asiyami Gold, she’s been our style feature a couple of times and she’s still the bomb. Asiyami is really an awesome source for fashion influencing. Her Instagram feed is an aesthetically pleasing collection of lifestyle and style posts. So to all our readers looking to get inspired, she’s your go-to girl!


Image Source: Instagram