Kende4Images of iPhone cases handmade by Kende 

Kende are a budding UK based fashion brand specializing in simple but statement accessories and jewellery pieces for men and women. The company is run by Basil Hanson and Daniella Asare, and was started officially this year sometime in April. The company name “Kende” was formed from the word Kente Kente is one of the Royal fabrics from Ghana” and according to Basil one of the founders of Kende, “We had recently travelled to Ghana before then and was very keen on gaining more knowledge on our heritage and culture. This helped us to come up with our Kende slogan of “A tradition of royalty” which was influenced by the infamous Kente cloth from Ghana – (which is historically known to be worn as a royal cloth for special events).” One of the brands best-selling pieces is definitely their mobile phone cases for iPhone and Samsung phones. Kende provides customers with original, handmade designs that are colorful and trendy. Below are a few images of the designs for iPhones, key rings, t-shirt and hand beads.

Kende offers a stylish range of products each proudly handcrafted with the very finest African prints. Each phone case was given an African name by the designers. Their best selling case is their iPhone 5 case and it’s called Zaina which means beautiful. It’s an accessory line that offers something stylish and beautiful. Prices start at £19.99 for the Ghana Gold Chain T-Shirt, £14.99 to £17.99 for some of the iPhone cases.

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