Wambui Mukenyi’s 2014 Holiday Collection is absolutely gorgeous!!!

This season, Wambui has embraced a grown-up edgy style, so ladies can feel confident, sexy and elegant, too. The collection features beautiful maxi dresses and short dresses in monochrome prints, as well as bright and bold colours like red, yellow and pink. Check out the collection below and let us know which piece you are looking to get.

Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+MagazineWambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (8)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (10)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (9)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (7)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (4)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (5)Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (2)

So whether you are looking for an elegant red carpet look or for something more casual, you’re sure to love the daring designs in Wambui Mukenyi’s new collection.

Wambuimukenyi+Holiday+Collection+Zen+Magazine (6)

For more information visit: www.wambuimukenyi.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wambui-Mukenyi
Twitter: @wambuimukenyi 

Models: Sarah Hassan and Loise Mathini
Makeup by Wamz Makeup Mirror
Styling by Sunny dolat
Photography by Thandiwe Muriu
Images by www.wambuimukenyi.com