At Zen Magazine, showcasing brilliant, creative and beautiful African women is our talent, we absolutely love putting them on the spotlight so you can get inspired because Africa is a beautiful place filled with women with effortless beauty and immense creativity.


On that note, our #AfricanCreativeOfTheDay is no other than Upile Chisala, a dark skinned naturally beautiful Malawian poet and Visual story teller.


Along with writing poetry, the recent college graduate who hopes to attend Oxford University in the fall is the co-founder of the Yanja Series, a monthly gathering for women of color in Baltimore for expression and creation. In 2015 Chisala published her first collection of poetry titled, soft magic, a collection of short poems that explore gender, identity, the diaspora and self-care.

Upile also has an aesthetically pleasing instagram account where she expresses her style in well curated photographs. All these and many more is why She truly deserves to be on Zen Mag  today.

More photos of her below:




Favorite Quote: “can’t I just be a black woman that loves herself in peace? / without having to explain why my skin/ ( be it light honey or molasses)/ is a dream?/ why my hair/ (coarse or sleek)/ is a crown?/ can’t I just be a black woman that loves being a black woman/ without having to be sorry/ or humble/ or polite about it?/ Damn it!/ who else has to justify loving themselves like this?/ who else has to fight for the right to call themselves a blessing?/ Goodness,/ can’t I just be a black woman that loves herself in peace??!!?” ― Upile Chisala


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