20 Questions with model, actress and TV personality Vimbai Mutinhiri.

Vimbai+Mutinhiri+Interviews+Zen+MagazineVimbai is a Zimbabwean by birth. She lived and studied in South
Africa graduating from the University of Cape Town 

Zen: How did you get started in the industry?
Vimbai: I got into entertainment through Big Brother Africa. I was a housemate in 2011 and I’ve never looked back since that time in my life.

Zen: What projects are you currently working on?
Vimbai: I am busy with so much exciting stuff right now! I have just launched an awesome TV platform with SA Tourism called Discover Luxe – and in this show you see me taking some of Africa’s most influential personalities on adventurous vacations to different parts of South Africa. The programme broadcasts as a segment on the Africa Magic show – Star Gist. This has opened a whole new world for me into the world of luxury travel and adventure! To compliment it, I have launched #TravelTuesday on my social media @Miss_Vimbai and my website, www.missvimbai.com, as a blog portal into my world of travel. I feature some of my favorite locations, hotels and resorts as well as travel tips and advice on making the most of luxury travel. The aim is to inspire people to try the things they have always wanted to do. Travelling and living well are a very central part of my philosophy, and it is an absolute honor to be able to share this part of my world with everyone around me.

Zen: Who are your role models in the industry?
Vimbai: Goodness, I have so many for so many different reasons. Women like Biola Alabi, Mo Abudu, Wangi Mba Uzuokwu are my lamps of shining light in the broadcast arena as they continue to break new ground and pave way for a new era in African entertainment.

Zen: You hosted the 2014 (2012 and 2013 too) AMVCA’s, …(Big Brother 2014 Live Finale)… do you ever get nervous before a show you are billed to host?
Vimbai: I always get nervous, without fail! I always say its so important to be in the moment with major shows – they are life changing experiences and monumental memories in one’s life – and the most important thing is to be present! Nerves are a part of the natural human emotions before a major show – and having that adrenalin pumping as you step onto stage is magical. It just does something to you. I love the nerves.


Zen: Have you ever lost your temper on air?
Vimbai: LOL! No, never. I generally seldom lose my temper even off air. I’m a very practical thinker. I think about the situation I am in, if it upsets me I like to wait it out until I am less emotional. Then when I calm down, I react. But I have grown out of tantrums, although they used to be my thing in my teens.

Zen: In 2011 you got into the BBA game show. What or who inspired you to get into the big brother reality TV show?
Vimbai: Munya Chidzonga, the Zimbabwean housemate in the previous year inspired me without a doubt. He came home after the show as a hero, and the moment I saw the way people were reacting to him I knew I needed a piece of that action.

Zen: Do you ever watch the shows after you have done them?
Vimbai: Always. It is so important to analyse one’s strengths and weaknesses, and know how to grow and move forward. You need to be able to honestly critique yourself, and know what works for you and what doesn’t. And of course, you need to be able to reward yourself for a job well done too! LOL.

Zen: Apart from being a model and an actress, you are also a TV presenter on the lifestyle show “Star Gist”. Is it more difficult to interview a friend than somebody you don’t know?
Vimbai: I seldom plan my interviews. I like my subjects to be natural and spontaneous – so I tend to make complete strangers feel like old friends. That makes all interviews equally fun and challenging. I will never expose anyone’s gist – friend or stranger – but I would make them comfortable enough to share whatever they felt the world needed to know.
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Zen: What do you most love about being a TV presenter?
Vimbai: Being a host is magical. I love connecting with people – that is my passion. Engaging with people from all walks of life and sharing my passion with them. That is a truly blessed thing to be able to do.

Zen: You are scheduled to attend a red carpet event. How much time goes into figuring out your hair, makeup and what you will wear to the show?
Vimbai: I have such an awesome glam squad – they will usually present options and then we take it from there. It seldom takes very long to make decisions, then its an hour in the make over seat. I always go with my instinct where my looks are concerned.

Zen: Your ideal red carpet look to an event would be
Vimbai: Any glamorous dress from Toju Foyeh, jewelry from Jenna Clifford … and matched with shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

Zen: Do you have any designers you would love to work with?
Vimbai: I am yet to work with Lanre Da Silva and Bridget Awosika. A collabo is necessary very soon!

Zen: Which celebrities always look glamorous on the red carpet?
Vimbai: My ultimate favorites are Rita Dominic and Kate Henshaw. Always flawless, but they are also sufficiently mysterious – they are not constantly on every single red carpet. That for me is elegance.

Vimbai+Mutinhiri+Interviews+Zen+Magazine (2)“African fashion is so authentic! It is true to its identity, and I always
feel like it is our song,” says Vimbai when asked what she
loves the most about fashion coming out of Africa

Zen: Life is too short to:

Zen: Describe your style to us.
Vimbai: Chic, edgy, elegant and different.

Zen: What do you love the most about African fashion?
Vimbai: African fashion is so authentic! I love that. It is true to its identity, and I always feel like it is our song and dance on fabric. Soulful and spiritual.

Zen: Your 5 favorite African designers are: 
Vimbai: Toju Foyeh, Wana Sambo, Mai Atafo, Bridget Awosika, and Jewel by Lisa

Zen: What are the 3 important things every aspiring presenter needs to know before considering a career in TV?
Vimbai: Be prepared for the days where there is no glam, stay true to your identity and remember that when the camera starts rolling you derive your power from knowing that IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU.

Zen: Your perfect holiday destination in Africa is ….
Vimbai: Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zen: How can our readers follow more of your work on Television?
Vimbai: They can tune into Star Gist daily on Africa Magic ch 151 at 20:00 CAT if they would love to see more of what I do. They can also watch the travel show at the same time and same channel every Friday!

To connect with Vimbai online, visit www.missvimbai.com | Or on social media: Instagram Vimbai Mutinhiri | Twitter: