Nigerian model Angella Philips isn’t a new face, per se: she’s been the face of top fashion brands such as Jewelry by Emisara, Keemharun, Washington Roberts, Viv La Resistance, Kiki Kimanu, Osuare, Needlepoint, Iamisigo, and Sunny Rose to name a few. (In fact, she also did campaign work for Viv La Resistance and GTBank SME MarketHub.) And oh, yeah, she’s only 24. Here, the model weighs in on her personal history in modeling, her beauty secrets and her love for African fashion.

Angella+Phillips+Zen+Magazine+Africa+Interview+2015Angella Phillips is a Nigerian fashion and beauty model
who started modeling at 17 (Photographed by Abu Salami)

Zen Magazine: How did you get started as a model?
Angella: I got started as a model by taking pictures a lot and soon, I discovered I loved photography so I decided to do it as a career. For a long time I didn’t even have an agent so it was quite difficult getting major jobs back then.

Zen Magazine: Has modelling always being your dream career?
Angella: I would say yes because I always imagined been on the cover of magazines and on billboards and runways when I was younger.

Zen Magazine: What do you love the most about modelling?
: Oh my. I love the travelling experiences. I don’t get to travel often now but soon…I love location shoots and also the experience of meeting new models and other creative’s in the industry.

Zen Magazine: How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?
: Well the first time I did a fashion show I was very nervous but first time doing a photoshoot I’m quite sure I was inquisitive and loved it.

Angella+Phillips+Zen+Magazine+Africa+Interview+2015 (4)“The African models that inspire me right now are Betty
Adewole, Oluchi Orlandi and Ajak Deng.” says
Angella. (Photo by Hokof Photoworks)

Zen Magazine: Do you get tensed during shoots or on the runway?

Zen Magazine: Is it normal?
Trust me it’s very normal. Till date I still get one or two butterflies in my tummy just before I do my first walk for a designer during fashion shows. (Laughs). After that first walk I’m more relaxed. But don’t get me wrong it’s not shyness or fear it’s just a nerve strike thingy. (Laughs).

Zen Magazine: How does one stay relaxed and calm during shoots or on the runway?
AngellaOK the way I stay relaxed for shows and shoots is first getting a good night sleep a day before and drink lots of water on the day of shoots or shows so I don’t feel dehydrated and uncomfortable. And during my hair and makeup I listen to music on my phone with an earpiece.

Zen Magazine: Who were your fashion role models while growing up and how did that help you to find your place in the industry?
AngellaLiya Kebede, Naomi Campbell, and Agbani Darego were my role models when I was growing up. The 3 of them inspired me in so many different ways. Liya is an actress, supermodel, designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and goodwill ambassador. They have some things in common that inspire me and so far this has made me stand out in the industry.

Zen Magazine: What has been your favorite shoot or your most memorable moment as a model?
Angella: My most memorable moment as a model was the modelling tour I went for in South Africa during a competition I took part in.

Angella+Phillips+Zen+Magazine+Africa+Interview+2015 (3)

Zen Magazine: Which African models inspire you right now?
: The African models that inspire me right now are Betty Adewole, Oluchi Orlandi and Ajak Deng.

Zen Magazine: How would you describe your style?
Angella: My style is creative, comfortable and confident.

Zen Magazine: What do you love the most about African fashion?
Angella: I love African prints. I enjoy the way they are been used to make so many things now like bags, clothes, jewelries, couches, artworks etc. For me African fashion is dynamic and unique.

Zen Magazine: Who are a few of your favorite African designers across the world?
Angella: My favorite African designers across the world are Lanre Da’silva, Ella&Gabby, Iamisigo and David Tlale.

Zen Magazine: Do you get to travel a lot for your work? If so what is/are your favorite cities that you have visited?
Angella: I don’t get to travel often to other countries but locally I do travel a lot.

Zen Magazine: What are the 5 things you can’t live without?
The five things I can’t live without are 1.) Positive vibes 2.)Basic necessities like food, water, money… 3.)Internet, 4.) Television 5.) Baths. lol.

Angella+Phillips+Zen+Magazine+Africa+Interview+2015 (2)Angella has worked with a host of amazing photographers including
Hokof Photoworks, Emmanuel Oyeleke, Hakeem Salaam, Aham
Ibeleme, Reze Bonna, Obi Somto, Paul Ukonu, Tope Horpload,
Tcd, Lakin Ogunbanwo, and so many others

Zen Magazine: Top 5 African musicians?
Angella: My top five African musicians are 2face Idibia, Asa, Olamide, Patoranking and Sarkodie.

Zen Magazine: If you could work for 1 designer in the entire world, who would it be and why?
Angella: If I could work for any designer in the world it would be Balenciaga. It’s the worlds largest store house. I love how the womenswear are made from elegant and luxurious fabrics and the handbags are hard to come by.

Zen Magazine: What’s next for Angella?
Hmm, the big question “giggles”. Modelling has opened so many entrepreneurship opportunities for me. I intend to move out of Nigeria soon and continue modelling internationally alongside have my own clothesline.

Zen Magazine: Any inspirational words for aspiring models?
What I would like to say to aspiring models is that they should never give up
. Modelling is a difficult career, not for fainthearted but for determined souls. I would advice that at every point they are rejected in an audition they should never give up. Modelling takes focus, hard work, love, passion, and dedication.

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