Peace Hyde chats all things African with Zen Magazine’s editor, Arinze Nwokolo.

featuredPeace Hyde is a Ghanaian actress, TV presenter and MC based in Ghana

Zen Magazine: How did you get involved in acting?
Peace: Erm… I guess my first acting experience was as a child in a Mary Poppins play in school. After that break out role, {Laughs}, I did not do any acting until my return to Africa from overseas. I just recently decided to explore that side of me a little bit more and here we are.

Zen Magazine: Was it stressful at first?
PeaceIt’s always stressful trying something new, but no matter how nervous you are once its’ time, you have to deliver so I am used to those type of high pressure environment because of my background in the senior management field in education.

Zen Magazine: How many years has it been so far?
Peace: I have only been in the entertainment scene for 1 year. A lot has happened in such a short time, I feel very blessed.

Zen Magazine: What was your biggest break?
Peace: I cannot really single out one event. I feel like every opportunity I have received is a big break for me. From all the films, to events I have hosted, TV shows to even sitting here being interviewed by you, every little moment has being big to me. I guess God is my biggest break. He is sailing this ship right now so wherever he tells me to go I follow.

Zen Magazine: What movie projects are you presently working on?
Peace: I am working on a number of projects but unfortunately I cannot discuss them right now until it is done. It’s part of the agreement they made us sign but I can tell you it is going to be really exciting when it comes out.

12“Being in the public eye is difficult sometimes” says Peace

Zen Magazine: Which actresses inspire you?
Peace: I get my inspiration from a lot of actresses but I would have to say my recent favourite along with I guess the rest of the world is Lupita Nyong’o. I think she is absolutely phenomenal and shows that you can go as far as your dreams will allow you to go.

Zen Magazine: Apart from being an actress, you are also a TV presenter, with a TV show on GH One Entertainment TV titled “Friday Night Live”. How do you combine both careers?
Peace: I love what I do. I would have to say because of my presenting schedule hosting several shows, I am doing a lot more presenting than acting but that is going to be changing very soon. I think it’s all about efficient time management.

Zen Magazine: Describe your style to us.
Peace: I like the simple, elegant looks, which embrace my femininity. I think there is nothing better than a confident self-assured lady. I like to wear things that are very colourful, comfortable and trendy. I like to take risks in terms of different hairstyles and I am very experimental with fashion trends- like these grey box braids I’m rocking right now. Lol!

Zen Magazine: What do you love about African fashion?
Peace: The Originality. There is nothing like African fashion. Each designer is creative and unique and uses different textures and fabric designs juxtaposed with vibrant colours. I think we are going to go really far.

13“I will always hold my first experience shooting in Nigeria with
Alex mouth, Mnet’s director as a pretty big deal because
that was my first proper film role.” says Ms Hyde

Zen Magazine: Who are your favourite African designers and why?
Peace: I love Anutua designs, Christie Brown, Mai Atafo, Clan, Duaba Serwaa and so many others; I love the individuality of all these designers and the way they bring their styles and concepts to life. I am all about originality and I love these designers because they exude this in the highest form.

Zen Magazine: Worst fashion moment in your life?
Peace: Erm, I can’t really think of any moment that sticks out. I mean I was a bit of a rebel with fashion when I was younger but I think everyone was. I had the name buckle in diamante back in the day which I used to think was the coolest thing ever at the time, now I cringe at the thought that I used to wear that! Lol!

Zen Magazine: What do you love the most about being on TV?
Peace: I love the fact that every day is different. We cover so many different topics on my talk show, Friday night live, from everything to do with life and living it. It is refreshing being able to meet different people from all walks of life and discussing engaging topics that hopefully will cause people to reflect and adopt new ways of dealing with life and each other.

Zen Magazine: Weirdest thing that has ever happened on set?
Peace: I actually have not had any weird moments on set unfortunately, I think so far I have been blessed to work with very organised, efficient teams so set life is always a pleasurable and valued learning experience. Ill make sure ill keep you updated though as soon as that changes! Lol!

Zen Magazine: What has been your biggest achievement in film?
Peace: I am fairly new in this business so I think the fact that I am even a part of this amazing industry is a big achievement in itself. I will always hold my first experience shooting in Nigeria with Alex Mouth (MNET director) as a pretty big deal because that was my first proper film role. I watched Tinsel frequently so for my first film project to be with the Tinsel director was such a valuable experience and a steep learning curve I am forever grateful for!

Zen Magazine: What is the hardest part about being a celebrity?
Peace: I find it weird whenever people ask me that question because I actually do not consider myself as a celebrity and I think because I don’t, I am really still the same person. But being in the public eye is difficult sometimes especially because once you put yourself out there as a personality everybody is now automatically a critic and I guess hearing people who do not know you pass judgement on your character or image is not an easy pill to swallow. But you take the good and the bad and I am a strong believer in the notion that whatever doesn’t break you will only make you stronger. So I am thankful for it all, the positives and negatives.


Zen Magazine: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a presenter someday or even an actress?
Peace: I would say make sure whatever you want to do in life to have a passion for it and don’t stop at nothing to get it. Do not allow all the NO’s and closed doors deter you. Have a vision for yourself, never give up, work tirelessly, and remember that with God all things are possible. Also remember to be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Zen Magazine: Single or Dating…
Peace: Single

Zen Magazine: Do you have any crush on anyone in the industry?
Peace: No

Zen Magazine: You are told that you have 2 free tickets to see any musician. Who do you see and who do you take with you?
Peace: To see Aaliyah would be a dream come true, I was young when she was with us so I was never blessed to have the opportunity to see her live in concert. I know she is no longer with us but her gift of music still lives on for me. I absolutely loved her, may her soul rest in peace. Her music is so unique and timeless, so she would always be my first choice. I’d take my sister, as she also was a die-hard fan.

Zen Magazine: What can Africa expect from the PEACE HYDE brand?
PeaceAfrica can expect a lot of positivity from the Peace Hyde brand. I am very passionate about having a positive impact on young people and that is a responsibility I take very seriously. I believe we are all born to be great and I am on a journey to finding out how my story will end and if I can help it, I pray it ends with me making a big difference on the continent God willing.

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