Emma Van Lare is an amazing Ghanaian beauty who recently won the Miss Face of Africa Texas 2012 Pageant competition. She also went on to the Miss Ghana USA 2012 pageant where she was second runner-up. A young lady and a Texas Queen destined for great things, Zen had a quick chat with her to find out what inspired her to enter the competition, what are her goals for the future and Emma describes her Fashion Style to us.

What inspired you to apply for the competition?
I am a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin, studying Radio-Television-Film with a minor in Spanish. I found out about the Miss Face of Africa Texas pageant while surfing the web and decided to fill out the application because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone by trying something new.

As a Beauty Queen, what are your goals?
To keep learning, connecting with people, be a positive role model to people who look up to me, and to be a good queen who will be remembered for my positive impacts to the communities here in Texas and back home across Africa.

Describe your fashion style?
I would think my style is simple, urban and casual!

How important is charity in our world today and is their any you support?
I think charity is very important because it serves as a platform for the less privileged to get support and welfare. Back home in Africa, there are so many issues affecting people. Some issues are lack of constant electricity, bad roads, good healthcare is expensive, regular food supply and so many other issues though I realized that food security in my mother country, Ghana, and the greater African continent is a problem with many faces, so I am hoping that as a Face of Africa Texas Queen, I can start something to brighten someone’s life and make someone’s dream come true. I have teamed up with a foundation based in Ghana and hope to begin my own foundation pretty soon so that I can raise the necessary funds to build food silos in rural Ghana and then hopefully, one day, in other countries. These silos will increase the shelf life of home-grown produce and serve as a back-stock of food in the case of a food shortage or drought. It is a huge project that will take time, however, I am confident that with prayer, hard work, and determination, this goal of mine will be realized.


Emma Styled by Tru-vision Clothing

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