We always try to keep tabs on all our cover stars and this week we had an amazing chat with Our Amazing August 2011 Cover Star the lovely Ms Sunny Tookes. Sunny now 27, talks to Zen about life, inspiration and her plans for the future. We bring you Sunny’s words as copied from our Phone Chat:-

Sunny Says – I think it is very important to know the power of your own potential. A lot of people spend so much time looking at the success of others that they neglect to think of the obstacles that these people had to overcome in order to gain it. As unique individuals we should be inspired by the achievement of others not envious. Once you spend the necessary time exploring yourself you will discover many treasures of talent, pearls of potential, and gifts galore.

I have been a professional model for 4 years. In that time I have chased and caught many dreams and made them realities. I have ended 2012 with my first photo/video shoot “Sunset Blvd” which will be circulated as an informative tool that will allow aspiring models to see how I execute a photo shoot from start to finish. In 2013 I plan to launch my own art direction business to help other fashion professionals bring their ideas to life in front of the camera. I am currently working
on my second photo shoot fantasy project for spring 2013. I am also determined to continue to expand and network internationally.

I plan on continuing my education as I will be applying for selected doctoral programs across the U.S. I plan on making sure that I am successful in every area of my life by working hard, remaining humble, trusting God, and just being thankful every day to wake up to a new opportunity to achieve something great!

Learn to appreciate the story of your struggle, that is the spirit of success.”

You can talk to Sunny Online via Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sunnycouture

Photographer: Jennifer Alder
Make-Up Artist: Rashida LaShawn
Clothing: Ray-Ann’s Wardrobe