Rocking a vintage look and still looking drop dead gorgeous – there is nothing
stopping Brenda Wairimu 

Kenyan actress, humanitarian, model and TV host Brenda Wairimu is not just another gorgeous face on TV, she is the next big thing coming out of Kenya. Forget what you’ve read about her, in here she tells Zen what’s really going on in her life, from her acting to her modelling.

ZeN: At what age did you start acting?
Brenda: I started at the age of 20 though it feels like I have been acting my whole life! I was the last born of 4 girls for 21 years so I literally had to act to get what I wanted…(Laughs). I would act sad to get what I want, or sometimes happy to make everyone around me lighten up. It was a little manipulative I know, but all for a good cause (Laughs).

ZeN: Tell us how you got into acting
Brenda: I joined a modelling agency when I was a freshman at university and during my time, I went for several auditions that for some time didn’t really bear any fruit. My real first break though came from a Facebook post! A local TV series that was very popular at the time posted that there would be auditions for a few roles. I went, and out of 800 other hopefuls they chose me… YaaaY!

ZeN: Have you always wanted to be an actress?
Brenda: I’ve always been an avid movie lover. I used to watch our local shows, international movies, and wonder if I could do that someday. But I don’t think I realized how much I really wanted to do it until I actually tried it for myself. I was not much good at first, and I even got my fair share of criticism ‘The Kenyan audience is a tough one to please because they want perfection’ and I’m so glad for it. The audience helped me a lot, and I worked on my art and this helps me to keep getting better.

ZeN: Who are a few Hollywood stars you look up to for inspiration?
Where do I start! Meryl Streep , Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, and Zoe Saldana. These actors bring so much presence on screen, they lose themselves in their characters and I watch them like I’m reading for exams…to learn as much as I can.

We are so loving the fabric pattern on that Skirt
Brenda is wearing… very trendy won’t you say? 

ZeN: What would you say has been your most memorable acting role so far? 
That has to be SHUGA 2 ‘Love Sex and Money’! I got a chance to work with a wonderful bunch of talented film makers, actors and actresses from different parts of Africa and I loved the role I played “Dallah”. Everything was just magical. The entire cast and crew of SHUGA was amazing and we had such a memorable time on set!

ZeN: You are also a model. How has your modelling career been?
It has been good! I have had the pleasure of working with great photographers from Kenya, as well as makeup artists and stylists. I was one of the faces for Cadbury SMS chocolate print ad, and was also chosen to be a brand ambassador for Alcott Kenya. I’ve been very blessed to work on several other projects, fashion spreads, and magazine covers. I am more into commercial modelling these days.

ZeN: Is it sometimes difficult combining both careers or do they play out alright?
It’s only difficult time wise because acting takes up almost all my days but I use both to complement one another. My modelling shots are used to market me both as a model, and as an actress so I think both play out just fine and I am blessed with a great team around me who support me and teach me so much!

ZeN: What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Recently, during production on the Mnet show, my director told me ‘I bring life to my scenes and he also said he loves watching me from the control room and even more on screen, and is actually looking forward to my scenes and he gets sad when I’m not on the shoot schedule‘. I was like WOW … and he said it with such honesty that it nearly melted my heart. He said he could see my name in bright lights some day! I only pray never to disappoint such people who have so much belief in me.

ZeN: Who are your top 5 African music artists?
Africa has so many talent but my top 5 would have to be Juliani, WizKid, Freshly Ground,  STL and Jose Chameleon

ZeN: What do you love the most about African fashion?
I love how vibrant and quirky it is, the colors, textures, it’s so original, it’s distinct…it displays cultural variety in Africa, you just can’t miss it!

ZeN: Who are your favourite designers?
I have so many but if I had to choose my 2 favourites would be John Kaveke and Eskado Bird.

ZeN: We know you love to travel Brenda.. tell us your top travel destinations across Africa?
Gosh, I love travelling a lot and if I could, I would go everywhere…(Laughs). My top travel destinations will have to be Djama el Fao in Morrocco, Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Those are just a few!

ZeN: What next for Brenda Wairimu?
First is to continue telling African stories. We have so many amazing true stories in Kenya alone that are just dying to be told and I’m going to be a part of that. I plan to continue my humanitarian activities, under my initiative Generation O2 (oxygen). And I plan to create more awareness on pediatric health and psycho social support and on a larger scale for the Children of Africa, especially those that are ill and underprivileged. With God on my side, I’m going to take over, just watch me!

ZeN: Any inspirational words for the upcoming generation of superstars out of Kenya?
: To all those in pursuit of their dreams, simply Believe, Begin, and Become!!

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Photography by Ben Kiruthi
Make up by Vickie
Styling by Blaq Curtain