15 Minutes with Ghanaian model Roselyn Ashkar

Roselyn+Ashkar+Interview+African+Model+Zen+Magazine+AfricaRoselyn was Ghana’s sole representative at AFRICA’S NEXT TOP
MODEL which took place in South Africa. (Photo by Marnus Meyer)

Zen: Tell us a little bit about your background. Where were you born?
Roselyn: I was born in Accra, Ghana into a family of 6. The 1st of 4 girls, with a lot of pressure (which I gladly take on) to set the pace.

Zen: How was life like growing up in Ghana?
Roselyn: Growing up, in Ghana, was beautiful and fun. In a nuclear family setting. In a very strict home with a very strict and slightly overprotective dad. (You couldn’t blame him. He had 4 girls. (Laughs). I recall my dad doing all his best to train us like girls AND boys at the same time! I think he would have loved to have at least a son, so not having one made him give us the best of both worlds, teaching and training us how to handle our business, how to be strong and independent, and how to fight for ourselves with no time to be soft with the excuse “I’m just a girl“. I learnt to drive at 14 years! (Laughs)… That’s just to give you an idea of how less time I had to be “just a girl“. I’m grateful to him for that upbringing as it played a major role in my thinking and actions in my life today. I think I’m more the daddy’s girl and always will be. (I had THE TALK from my dad. Yeah he was that close to his girls and we are that comfortable with him) although being a woman now automatically sways you to the mummy’s side. I’ll rather ally with my mom now. Haha.

Zen: Which colleagues, friends or family have inspired you the most?
Roselyn: Growing up in the very removed and nuclear setting that I did, all I had or was opened to was my immediate family. That’s all I knew. I didn’t have friends. I’m quite on the introverted tip. I got used to that. I was safe and comfortable with that. I mean, that’s all I knew. However, you naturally form acquaintances along the way thanks to college and the industry. I find myself admiring a few people in the industry, especially the women who are at the top of their games. However, my mom, is and will always be my biggest inspiration. She is the epitome of strength, endurance and selflessness.

Zen: What’s it like being signed to a modelling agency in South Africa?
Roselyn: It’s absolutely amazing! I mean, there’s no better feeling than to have gotten what I like to call my warm up, from one of the biggest and budding fashion industries. I’m forever grateful to have my mother agency in Capetown, South Africa.

Roselyn+Ashkar+Interview+African+Model+Zen+Magazine+Africa (2)She also co-produced LIVE CONFIDENTIAL, a radio show on
LiveFmGhana, hosted by Confidence Haugen.

Zen: What were your ambitions when growing up?
Roselyn: I wanted to be a news anchor and always aimed for CNN. I admired the women on there so much at how smartly and elegantly they did their job. I also held one of Ghana’s prominent news anchors in very high esteem; Emma Morrison. She was brilliant! I’ve also always had a thing for schools. That hasn’t changed. I’ll like to own a few schools someday.

Zen: What’s been your best moments as a model?
Roselyn: That will have to be when I got a call up from NIKE requesting that I cast for one of their global campaigns. However, I really think the best is yet to come.

Zen: How Would You Describe Your Personal Style?
Roselyn: My personal style… Hmm… Comfort first. Minimalist. With a touch of color. I do not follow trends. That stuff is hectic. For me. My policy with dressing up basically is “Less is more“. Keep it simple, with just that touch of a statement piece to amplify the look.

Zen: Who are your favorite style icons?
Roselyn: (Laughs)…I have got none really. When it comes to style, I really just go with what I feel like. I think I’m probably the only model who isn’t a fashion/style fanatic. How contradicting. I know!

Zen: Do you like to dress up every day, once a week or only for special occasions?
Roselyn: I like to dress up every now and then. But largely based on only when I feel like it. But yes! For special occasions too.

Roselyn+Ashkar+Interview+African+Model+Zen+Magazine+Africa (3)

Zen: What’s your one favorite item in your closet?
Roselyn: That’s a tough one. I love almost everything I own. But I’ll say my statement neck pieces will be the one.

Zen: You participated in first edition of reality TV show, Africa’s Next Top Model. What lessons did you learn from the competition even though you didn’t win it?
Roselyn: I learnt that I won’t be doing any more reality TV! Haha! But also, most importantly, I learnt some very precious tips and tricks to a successful model career. Which I’ll forever be grateful for and hold very dear. A whole other perspective of what the industry is like and actually is.

Zen: Speaking of ANTM, how did it feel meeting OLUCHI?
Roselyn: That was very amazing and inspiring. It always feels good to meet any woman who’s killed it and still killing it. That always gives me that little nudge to never give up on my own hustle.

Zen: What are you working on presently?
Roselyn: Currently busy with the blueprint for my own TV production that should roll out starting 2016. Can’t say much about it now but it’s very exciting stuff! Also dusting off and polishing up on my presenting/hosting.

Roselyn+Ashkar+Interview+African+Model+Zen+Magazine+AfricaRoselyn is currently signed to one of the top agencies in
South Africa, Outlaws model Agency

Zen: Who are your favorite African designers?
Roselyn: Has to be Gert Johan, Christi Brown and Taibo Bacar.

Zen: Describe African fashion in 5 words……
Roselyn: Fresh, Flashy, Creative, Stylish and Hopeful.

Zen: Who would you say are your top 5 African celebrities creating the most buzz globally?
Roselyn: I would say Lupita Nyong’o, Trevor Noah, Oluchi, Bonang Matheba and Lira.

Zen: What’s next for Roselyn?
Roselyn: Expect to see more of me on your TV screens across Africa, and beyond, very soon. Some more model work as well in Europe.

Zen: Any inspirational words for the younger aspiring models out there.
Roselyn: I always say, be patient, but reasonably. Study the terrain you are planning on working in so that nothing knocks you off by surprise or swallows you up! Also, research, research, ask questions! Be very open to learn everyday! Make sure you handle rejection very well otherwise modeling is not for you. Honestly. It’s as real as it gets. But, whatever it is, DO NOT GIVE UP.

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