Bisila BokokoBisila Bokoko is a Global Ambassador to several brands
across Europe, America and Africa

Bisila’s dream is to one day see every African child improve, achieve and fulfil their dreams. For her, it’s not just charity work but more of philanthropy and empowering the younger generation of Africans who are living and growing up in tough economic times. We had the pleasure of interviewing Bisila in Ghana during her 2 week visit of Ghana where she is currently visiting and inspecting the library her NGO BBALP built in the Ashanti region of Kokofu. We have exclusive images of her 2 week trip where she met the Vice President of Ghana Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur and all the great Chiefs of Cape Coast at a Cape Coast Festival.  For those of you who don’t know, Bisila was made a Queen Mother of Kokofu sometime in 2011 and was given the name (Nana Akwa  Asentewaa Kokofunii), a title which is only given to people who bring development and growth to the community.

ZeN: Why are you so passionate about Charity work?
Bisila: Honestly, I am passionate about philanthropy. The word Charity I don’t really like it and I do not emphasize on it. We work with people to improve education and to support them in achieving a better life. We believe in sharing not in giving. We believe in creating sustainable models for growth and development.

ZeN: What projects are BBALP currently working on?
Bisila: BBALP is involved in building libraries in different countries in Africa. Our next projects are in Rwanda and Zimbabwe. We just finished our library in Maasai Mara ( Kenya)Click here to see Pictures and we are cooperating with different schools and other organizations in different countries to build more libraries for the kids. We have very ambitious projects and our goal will be to cover the whole continent, creating libraries in rural areas with direct access to books. Also, we want to be able to get computers for these libraries as well because we want the kids to be able to learn how to use a computer and also to connect them with the outside world via the use of the internet.

ZeN: Is BBALP getting the needed funding to push its’ humanitarian mission across Africa?
Bisila: Well, we are working hard on this and we will not give up! We trust that we will get the needed support because people are aware of these needs and the work we do at BBALP. Basically, the funding needed is for shipping cost of books and for the upkeep of the building! We work together with so many brilliant organizations in order to get the resources needed; “Like our friends from ADCAM.”

ZeN: In what ways can people reading this message support BBALP?
Bisila: I think for starters people need to know BBALP’s mission and have to share in our vision. We live by the motto “With a book, we can change so many lives!” We create leadership. We build great destinies! Anyone who is reading this message and is compelled to support what we do at BBALP can contribute in various ways. Donations can start from $5, or you can send us your books, educational books, fictional or non fictional books, or support via equipments like solar powered laptops or panels for the libraries in Africa.

Bisila Bokoko

ZeN: A few months back, you were made a brand ambassador to 2 Global brands “Pikolinos & Carmencinta”. What are your key responsibilities to both brands?
Bisila: I represent these brands globally by developing strategies to promote them internationally. I love to go around the world and help companies who believe in going global. Our work is like a boutique PR. My core business is to open doors to go international, and I work mostly for European brands that want to go to EEUU, Africa and Asia but also the other way around.

ZeN: Any plans to bring both brands to Africa?
Bisila: Yes, this is part of the plan! Africa is one of my priority markets right now.

ZeN: What do you like the most about both brands?
Bisila: I love everything about both brands. From what they stand for and what they plan to achieve. I can relate to that. For me, I love to work with brands that I feel connected with the people behind the brand. Brands that I can share a clear vision with them and our relationships are based on trust. A brand is a family of professionals who come together to see the progress of the brand and when I work with these brands, I work with the feeling of being in a family.

ZeN: Describe African fashion in 5 words or more.
Bisila: Exciting, elegant, luxury, creative, powerful

ZeN: Which designers are you currently into this season?
Bisila: If we are discussing African designers right now, I am into, Kibonen Nfi, Tiffany Amber, Khadija Moroccan Caftan, Farai Simoyi, Maze Couture and so many others! Another designer I love is the Spanish designer Amparo Chorda. She is a brilliant designer and I am also a Global Ambassador for the brand.

ZeN: Any trends you like?
Bisila: I love all the retro trends and I have also been into the 20’s look. This fall, I believe I will choose very regal looks. I do not consider myself a fashion victim. Fashion for me is fun and a way to dream.

ZeN: What is Bisila Bokoko working on in the following months?
Bisila: I have several commitments to participate as a Keynote speaker in conferences in different countries, some consultancy jobs for several governments in Africa, participation in several events as MC and more entrepreneur related ventures.

ZeN: We know you are a traveller Bisila. Do you travel for business or for pleasure? Where would you be next?
Bisila: I love to travel, and it is so natural for me to travel. I travel mostly for work, only on holidays I might travel for pleasure. This fall in my confirmed work related schedule is Ghana, Madrid, Panama, Paris, Turkey, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Sri Lanka, and Singapore.

ZeN: What can we expect next from the Bisila Bokoko brand?
Bisila: (Laughs) Honestly, the Bisila Brand is a non-stop dream factory and in our team, we keep dreaming …we like to wear many hats and all I can say for now is “There is so much more to come.

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Photography by Gigi Stoll